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CS3 Great Hike Foliage Brushes

People have asked me how I create foliage. Here is my secret to quick and effortless forests and leafy bits. I use many variations like these now in combination with unique scribbles, but these 8 were the start to my foliage brush collection.

Each brush was painted in black and white in PS, then converted to a brush. Then I messed with the settings on the brushes to get what you see here.

Brushes use tilt, pressure and so forth. If you do not have a tablet, these will not work as pictured.

You may use these brushes however you like in your art, just please credit or fav the set if you use it. Thanks!

:D Download for .abr file. For non CS3 users, download also includes 8 black and white jpg files, plus .jpgs with setting screencaps for each brush. Hope that helps!

Check out my favorite examples:
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Thank you so much :)

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thank you!!
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HI :)
I used here: Ruins of the Night

thank you for the stock
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Hi! I used here The Ghost Bride
Thank you for the stock!
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My pleasure!
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these are great! Works very well with PS CC!
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Awesome, glad to hear they're still working after all this time!
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super cool discovery! thanks!
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Used here Le Cabinet by silviya Thank you!
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