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Who Needs Feathers?

By mynfel
Rendered 1/2 in Poser 8 (the top) and 1/2 in Poser 7. Poser 8 kept crashing and running out of memory, so after about 2 days of trying, I gave up and just rendered the rest of it in Poser 7. Slow and steady, but at least it actually finished the job. Guess they don't call it the Bleeding Edge for nothing.

Anyway, just playing around with a sort of SteamPunk motif - the original will be used for an online brochure. Whee.
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This is fantastic. The lighting is amazing in this. And I feel yer pain. Poser 8 keeps doing this to me as well, so today for Valentine's, although I haven't buckled down and actually bought it yet, the husband is buying me Poser Pro 2010... Better luck, I hope.

GREAT work here.
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Very cool, and I hope poser 8 starts working better for you :)
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I can't really get it working. It *does* render quickly, but it's definitely got issues ->


This is what I'm getting half the time. And I have a quad core with 4 gigs of ram, so I shouldn't be getting this issue (especially given that Poser 7 *will* render it. LOL)

Hopefully SR1 will be released soon.
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Yikes, not good. Hopefully SR1 will fix it for you. The fun of new software...
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This is brilliant, I am interested to hear how Poser 8 works out, still on 7 here :D

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Such awesome designs! :wow:
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