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It's that time again -- I'm going to be selling a lot of prints at the Dragon*Con Art Show this weekend.  Come on by!  I'll be at BOOTH #10, across from Dan Dos Santos.  I hope to see you all!

Thinkspace Gallery and I are happy to announce the release of a new giclee print:

"Treading Through An Untrimmed Memory"
Edition of 25
Hand-signed and numbered by the artist
Giclee print on Museo Portfolio Rag Paper
20″ x 16″ (with an image area of 16 3/4 x 14″)
$100 each (plus s&h)
You are cordially invited to my solo exhibition:

Opening reception | Saturday, July 16th 5-8pm

Thinkspace Gallery
6009 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

Exhibition runs from July 16th - August 6th.
I'll see you in California!
I conformed, jumped on the bandwagon, and finally started an official Facebook Fan Page if you'd like to join:…

And a very special thank you to KRoc1127 for their kind gift of 3 months worth of Premium Membership.  You are so awesome.
Thank you so much for the kind birthday wishes, everyone.  I appreciate you.
I'm currently opening some slots for DIGITAL commissions.  

++What Should You Expect++
-I paint portraits of people, such as friends, family, original characters, fanart, etc (bust and up)
-commissions are for DIGITAL, not traditional paintings
-paintings are monotone or black & white
-sorry, I don't do offensive subjects (you know, porn and stuff)
- Examples of style:… ,…

++Requesting a Commission++
-send me a DA note or email at
-include details of requested art and/or reference pictures
-wait till I confirm your request, please

-I only accept Paypal to my account:
-commission slot is reserved once payment clears

++Receiving the Final Commission++
-final painting will be sent to you via email as a 300dpi JPG file

-$50 dollars per commission

i thank you.
Talenthouse announced today that I'm the recipient for the Illustration Academy Scholarship. Thank you guys for all the helping hands.  You...are...too AWESOME!
Thank you to everyone that voted/tried to vote for me to receive the Illustration Academy scholarship.  I didn't think I had such an amazingly supportive online community and for that, I thank you.  The winner won't be announced until July 28th so I will keep you guys posted on the results.  Again, I really appreciate you!

Have a pleasant day,
The Illustration Academy is giving away a full scholarship to the entry with the highest vote. If you have free time to spare, I'd really appreciate it if you could vote for my submission at… , or whoever you deem worthy of the scholarship. (Voting process open from 15-19th of July).

To vote, you can click on the blue button on the right-hand side of my submission. Please note that in order to follow through with the vote, will ask to allow it to do certain services. Don't feel like you're obligated to vote if you don't want it/to.

Thanks so very much, everyone.
Hi guys!

I just wanted to drop by and notify everyone that limited edition prints of "What the World Doesn't Know…" are now on sale via Thinkspace Gallery.  You can purchase them through their online store here:…

Details of Print:
What The World Doesn't Know
Edition of 20 (plus 3APs + 1PP)
Hand-signed and numbered by me
Giclee print on Museo Portfolio Rag paper
14x18" (unframed)
Sadly, my fellow artist friend, YaynYayn (, and I are on the waiting list for AWA's Artist Alley.  If you, for some reason, decide to withdraw from your table, PLEASE let me know. I would be happy to pay for those open tables.

Thanks, everyone.
Interested?  Please visit my store at:  Thank you so very much!