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Christmas Tree

Apo 3D hack, of course.

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Beautiful and colorful
My next Christmas wallpaper!  I love it!
mamanela's avatar
I love your collourful art.
I am using one as background on my computor at work.
I hope that is OK, it makes boring deskjob a litle less misserabe.
purrrplcat's avatar
21citrouilles's avatar
Beautiful, magical and colourful. I love it.. :D
Lupsiberg's avatar
Wonderful :clap: I shall keep it for next Christmas ;)
Disturbed-Rayman's avatar
Nice work!
your botanical fractals a amazing

p.s. would appreciate any tips on how to make factals spring up into plants and not 2D like mine are normally (as you can see im a beginer)
Cynder757's avatar
Wow...that's awsome!
Chazagirl's avatar
I have featured this in my Christmas Journal!! If you want me to remove it let me know! Otherwise Enjoy!
Chazagirl's avatar
Munch12's avatar
Such a very pretty Christmas tree. :D
mfcreative's avatar
Brilliant tree!! Very Christmassy!! :D
LunaFyreWyllo's avatar
I chose to fav this one ONLY because Yule fast approaches and I figured lets keep with the season after all.
I am NOT being fair......ALL OF YOUR WORK IS AWESOME!!!
I'd be here for a week if I tried to fav everything I see here that I love, and I really wouldn't think you would appreciate finding 70-100 (or however many you have here) fav's from the same person in a row!!!:giggle:

Many Blessings!
mynameishalo's avatar
Thanks so much for the wonderful comments and thanks for enjoying my work. :)
(Sorry for the late reply :( )
LunaFyreWyllo's avatar
Oh, you're very welcome!
And no prob on the late reply....I understand is busy!

You're work is amazing! I can only hope to be that good one day, but I'm not very good with computers so....I tend to stick with the old fashioned way of doing things....good ol' fashioned pencils and paper...just haven't had much time for it lately though.
But I have been having fun with some more 'simple' fractals...they are getting there.
crotafang's avatar
This would be an awesome Christmas tree. :D :D
simplysyd's avatar
That's really beautiful, I love the colors. That'd be the coolest Christmas tree ever.
foxfairy13's avatar
I like it! Instant :+fav: Some how, I think of a Chrismas tree when I look at it.
Sunny-77's avatar
I love this, it's beautiful!!
nik-pwns's avatar
doesnt look like a tree to me...
Jolly777's avatar
Really Nice....Bravo.
dazza1008's avatar
About bloody time! :shakefist:
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