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November 8, 2008
Take a closer look at Fleur D'apo by *mynameishalo. ~ This artist dived headlong into the fractal paintbox, to create a veritable frenzy of lively colored and layered petals. It's an exotic Apo 3D Hack formation, that will simply burst onto your screen!
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Fleur D'apo


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Apo 3D hack

Full view: 1280x1280
Download: 2560x2560

Update 2012/04/22: Added a 4096x4096 pixel re-render [link]
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Vision: Stunning. All of the colors in this piece blend beautifully, they're so bright and vibrant. It's like you took a bouquet of rainbows and shoved it into a flower. I love the swooping motion of the individual petals, you can also see those petals extremely clearly. The way it slowly fades out and loses the vibrancy of its colors is interesting.

Originality: I have never seen anything quite like this, and I spend quite a long time "Ooh"ing and "Ahh"ing over digital art. This is unlike anything I have seen before, digital or hand-drawn. The shape of the blossom is also unique and interesting, the tube-like structure at the top was intriguing.

Technique: Beautiful. I've only ever seen this style of digital drawing twice before, and both of these pictures were on par with the beauty of this piece. However, I only wish that I could see a background of some kind. It would be extremely fascinating to see where you thought this flower grew or what kind of world it exists in. But that doesn't change the fact that, with or without a background, this is absolutely mind-blowing.

Impact: As soon as I saw this, I was stunned. Immediately I imagined this beautiful flower sitting in an exotic jungle, full of flickering lights. This is so clear I feel I could reach out and brush the tips of the petals with my fingertips, smell the aroma of the flower as it sways in a breeze.

Overall: All in all, it is a beautiful piece. I will definitely be purchasing a print sometime in the future, and share it with my colleagues. I have never seen something quite like this before, and the colors are absolutely amazing. Fine job, good sir. Fine job.