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Nice to meet you, my name is dre'. ♑


Cyan 1 *Updated
Summer was great, too bad reliving it is on a timeless basis along with the rest of one’s enjoyment in life. The usual question, from teachers, when you get back to school is almost always “what was your favorite part of your summer vacation?” And when that question always comes up, I always want to say that the entire break was my favorite moment. And why wouldn’t I say that? It’s the only time you get an escape from the hell of the normal workday. Even the moments, where I just sat in my bed and cried, during that time were miles better than crying in public. Of course, I’m not going to leave my recount at just that, especially when a good chunk of my time was spent at your grandma’s beach house in the Florida Keys. I mean, ew Florida, but it was still more enjoyable than being in a Floridian school. The most exciting part was staying up and watching scary movies, which did wake up grandma that one night. Good thing she didn’t care what we were watching on the DVD player, and she just told us to turn down the volume. Hey, don’t tell mom about this, but my truly favorite moments where when I floated over the ocean with my face in the water, just seeing how long I can do it for. I’m worried mom will take that as some sort of method of harming myself, which is why I ask you not to tell her about this.
Spring 3
The progression of time is uneasy, like any other day. Contemplating what the cars are traveling to across the street has been the only thing that’s captivated your mind from filling out paperwork. Suddenly, a man comes into your office asking you to look at weird moles on his back. You ask for his name and he only gives you the first half: Eduardo. That’s funny, you had several other Eduardos check in today as well. As you examine his rather bumpy back, you find weird dots all over his lumbar region. Good thing you have some familiarity with what these are, and it’s also good that he didn’t notice you quickly closing the Wikipedia page for “moles” as he entered the room. Oh no, this isn’t good at all. Turns out that it’s a problem of the demonic type. Try to tell this Eduardo, in the nicest way possible, that he has tiny demons festering in his skin pores. Now, this isn’t abnormal, there’s been a couple of cases like this in the past. Look, just get the Necronomicon fast! Oh god, they’re already starting to pop out!
Rose 2
How long have you been just sleeping in your room? I honestly thought you were dead. Well, a lot of other factors made me come to that conclusion other than what you look like when you sleep. It was actually quite wild and I don’t know how to accurately describe it, but I’ll try to do my best. When I entered your house, it was covered in more webbing than usual. That wasn’t the deadest giveaway yet though, because as I came closer towards your bedroom, I felt something harshly grab at my ankles to presumably prevent me from progressing further. It wanted something from me; it wanted to know what my purpose was for coming here. I yelled at it that I was here to check up on you. It let go and told me that my safety measures were no longer necessary, and crawled back under your couch. Listen, I’m not gonna tell you what to do with your house, but you should probably hire a maid or something.
Azure 2
In the last three minutes of your work day, you can feel everything come in, every cell can be felt dying and spliced. Reality feels like terrible special effects now. But if that’s the case, then where were the cameras hiding in your life the whole time? They protrude from the bushes, the trees, the gardens, the pantries, the garage, and even the toilet. All of them stood perfectly still for you, waiting to get the perfect shots in your life. Fortunately, all of the creepy footage they captured of you has been corrupted. I can confirm this ‘cause I have received said footage (don’t ask me how), and all I can see is a translucent figure in place of what should be you. There’s also a bunch of locations shown that seemingly never existed as I can’t find them on any map of the town. The faces of, what appears to be your relatives, are replaced with black holes. Man, the editing team is gonna have a fun time trying to splice all of this into a three-hour film.


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