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Cyan Portfolio by myname-isdre Cyan Portfolio :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 6 2 Chartreuse Portfolio by myname-isdre Chartreuse Portfolio :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 1 0 Red Portfolio by myname-isdre Red Portfolio :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 1 0 Cyan 2 by myname-isdre Cyan 2 :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 2 0 Magenta 7 by myname-isdre Magenta 7 :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 3 0 Cyan 1 *Updated by myname-isdre Cyan 1 *Updated :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 3 0 Spring 3 by myname-isdre Spring 3 :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 0 0 Rose 2 by myname-isdre Rose 2 :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 1 0 Azure 2 by myname-isdre Azure 2 :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 4 0 Red 4 by myname-isdre Red 4 :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 1 0 Violet 2 by myname-isdre Violet 2 :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 2 0 Creature 2 - The Boognish by myname-isdre Creature 2 - The Boognish :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 3 0 Yellow 6 by myname-isdre Yellow 6 :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 1 0 Blue 9 by myname-isdre Blue 9 :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 2 0 Magenta 3 by myname-isdre Magenta 3 :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 3 1 Worker 1 by myname-isdre Worker 1 :iconmyname-isdre:myname-isdre 0 0


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Nice to meet you, my name is dre'. ♑


Cyan Portfolio
There is a great inaction that persists throughout the universe; a world remains where nothing has been done yet to change the winds of fate, but this isn’t what’ll remain. This shroud gives us a world with the appearance that nothing is happening, our lives remain stagnant, and any sort of excitement is an illusion. It is necessary for some, particularly those with weak will, to thrive in this indifferent state: one that doesn’t seem to be impacted at all by their presence or actions. But it’s just that, a state; it’s only temporary and, by the winds of fate, it’ll be broken in one timeline or another. It is the burden of 𐑕𐑒𐑹𐑐𐑰𐑴, 𐑞 𐑝𐑦𐑯𐑛𐑩𐑒𐑱𐑑𐑼, to break free from this state by moving just at the right moment, past all anticipation for it. They will wait, and wait, and time is counting on them. Within the timeline in which all of civilization now reeks of death and not even murders of crow, a blade will pierce through the death and bring instigation back into a world that has remained dormant for what now seemed like eternity. Difficulties will arise within the environment that we have to function within, and it’s the nature of the vindicator to seek the best outcome out of these difficulties and delays that heed progress or rejuvenation. It’s strategy against the impossible, and within enough planning, things may go away from the plan just enough to come back to it. But while we’re waiting for such a magical time to come, we shall bask in the foreboding of it all. It’s not too late to notice that you’re already gone.
«…the relationships we have to have with ourselves are not ones of identity, rather, they must be relationships of differentiation, of creation, of innovation.» The interviewer then says: «But up to this point, sexuality has been, politically, very useful.» and Foucault answers: «Yes, it has been very useful, but it limits us, and I think we have—and can have—a right to be free.» - Michel Foucault
Chartreuse Portfolio
Beings live apart from each other, and the only way to interact with others when they’re complicated by distance and terrain is to build paths to them. In this aspect, we connect lives to each other, attempting to share our experiences with each other as accurately as we can remember them. By this, we are all duplicitous by nature: we say one thing when we mean the other. This is just the price we pay for the ability of communication: electrical signals connecting to others in our brain to recall events that took place. It’s quite electrifying how we like to swing things back and forth between two locations; the thought of being in two places at once has interested us for centuries. The twins are sleeping at the moment, and I don’t recommend you’d wake only one at a time, for they’re bound to the earth in such a way that shakes it to the core if they’re not together; constantly speaking tongues between each other. The foundations we live on aren’t stable, and can split at any moment from forces outside of our control, further dividing and othering us. It’s thrown towards us in a hurdling manner, awaiting our turn to hit it right back to where it came from. We must catch what’s tossed at us, imprint what message we need to, and throw it right back. Even when things are at their darkest, we never lose hope, as hope requires abandoning everyone, even yourself to the idea that there’s nothing worth saying to someone else in the midst of a world so downtrodden. It’s the burden of 𐑡𐑧𐑥𐑦𐑯𐑲, 𐑞 𐑒𐑩𐑥𐑿𐑯𐑦𐑒𐑱𐑑𐑼, to live a life that’s ultimately parallel: similar but never touching to those who seek to exist in more than one place at a time. Gossip is a form of compassion, right?
Red Portfolio
In the beginning, there was nothing, or at least that’s what’s commonly thought about it. Many theorize that there was this one instigation that spurred the creation of the entire universe as we know it. One burst of energy created everything we interact with today, yesterday, and tomorrow. The mere act of existing was enough to justify everything that’s come afterwards. The dilemma here is whether or not it could’ve simply chosen to not exist and foil any plans for creation in the future. But even then, the proposal that some sort of higher being instigated everything was still a choice, made by something, to create existence. It’s easy for us to engage in passive acceptance of the events around us, but that only works for so long until the winds of fate catch up with us. Unrestricted and unbound, the soul moves within its own accord and won’t move to the will of anything else. Even when stuck within boundaries made to personally restrict it, it’ll take the boundaries with them if it means getting to where they want to go. The sense of will is so strong that it’s possible to choose where one finally rests themselves and crumbles. It is the burden of 𐑺𐑰𐑟, 𐑞 𐑦𐑯𐑕𐑑𐑩𐑜𐑱𐑑𐑼, to not only initiate that which was once that impossible: to break the limits with sheer determination and provide the basis for everything to come afterwards, but to also serve as the finale to all journeys. Their downfall has been written in the bones of many others who dared stand in their charge. The fire sears, ever-burning, ignited and kept alive by the desire to keep living and refuse to face fate. They did, they are, and they will.
Cyan 2
As we can see, working at an office job, while stereotypically viewed, in the public, as a horrifically boring job, is actually a lifelong experience that’ll grant many sights in one’s life that they never would’ve had if they worked anywhere else. Many of the events that take place within the work environment of a dilapidated office building are actually some of the most magical moments one can witness firsthand. If you don’t believe me, and my eighteen years of experience of working in such places, then you’ll surely be impressed by these events that I’ve heard. [...] Oh, these are some of my favorite moments, like when Jake jammed the photocopier for the 18th time, and Sharon, the administrative assistant, picked up an industrial-sized stapler and threatened to throw it at his head. That was pretty neat [...] Another great one was when, because her hands were still slippery from the dishwater, Rachel dropped a watermelon which busted on the floor; creating an explosion of pulp and seeds. It got all over my cubicle, and the janitor spent days trying to clean it, but there’s still some seeds I find on the floor. [...] I think my favorite moment by far was actually meeting you, rookie! You’re more open-minded to work here than any other applicant I detained. I think you’re ready; just sign here and the claw should burrow through your skull in no time. Don’t worry, this is just the first step in embracing all the fun times you’ll be having! Better watch out for Sharon; she’s a feisty one!


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