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''that's gay''
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I can’t even start to comprehend how some people can be so damn stupid, ignorant and arrogant. 
It’s not even funny-
how the fuck do you talk to these people? it’s like talking to a fucking brick wall man, like shit why you gotta be a dick?  can’t you just listen for a second and try not to ignore every word I say because you think your perspective of things is superior?  like dude hey, at least try to notice if you are hurting people and try to understand that we’re not trying to create a master race of you-people, we’re trying to live and hopefully have a good time here. live your life, and let others live theirs. don’t force that bullshit to anyone else, keep it to yourself stinky. 

if I get killed or something, there's a high possibility someone in my family is to blame. 
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We all use words like evil, bad and wrong, but do we honestly understand the meaning behind those words?

 Before we can judge or determine the nature of a being, act, problem, or occurrence with those words, we must understand our beliefs of them.
It’s easy to assume that for example a habit from another culture is wrong, if the values you've accepted differ from it. In some societies capital punishment is an acceptable form of action against criminals, when in some it is strictly labeled as wrong. Our morals differ from each other depending on the society and culture we are born in. From the viewpoint of moral relativism all those moralities are as good, and we should not judge others by our own. However that creates problems like, should genocides be accepted if it is considered right in some culture, and can someone be sentenced to death if they consider the punishment morally wrong?  

This leads to the question what is bad, and should despite subjective moralities be considered wrong.  Bad can mean a physical quality of a substance, but in this case I mean bad as the nature of an act/occurrence.
Something can be considered bad when it causes unnecessary suffering and displeasure. However, something can be bad with good intentions. Therefore, bad act/occurrence that has a motive should be judged by its effects, it either creates more positive effects, or negative ones. If it has more negative effects it should be considered wrong. A bad act/problem without a motive, such as natural disaster can’t be considered wrong, nor right, but simply bad. 

Bad as nature of an act/occurrence differs from evil. Objective way to understand the concept of evil is to determine its most basic nature. Evil is something that acts against the consciousness’s own moral good, and has a motive to cause unnecessary suffering and/or displeasure. A being can be considered and judged as evil if they deliberately act against their own moral comprehension of good, and the social norms /law, and their motive is to cause unnecessary suffering and/or displeasure, not to gain anything from it. If the being gets pleasure or joy from causing that, it isn’t truly evil, but rather selfish. The form of sadistic selfishness is a quality of one’s psyche, which is considered bad if it causes more harm than good. Nature of the quality can also be determined by psychological means.

Morally/Subjectively wrong means something what -we believe-is not acceptable, appropriate or morally good. An act/occurrence is bad if it causes unnecessary suffering and/or displeasure. Something is evil when it is aware of its actions, and deliberately act against its moral comprehension of good, willing to break social norms/law to achieve its motive which is to cause unnecessary suffering and/or displeasure- while not gaining anything from it.

Something can be (subjectively, or morally) wrong, but not bad. And something can be bad but not wrong. Evil is always both bad and wrong.

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And I see

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I've watched so many of you guys feeling shitty lately. You're having many kinds of small, and big problems. 
I guess it's generally not a good time for you. 

Anyway, I just wanted to remind everyone about few things,

If you have a problem, (big or small, doesn't matter) do something about it! Yes, you CAN! You honestly can, there's always something. If you can't see a solution then you look harder. If there is a solution you consider if it's truly the best one you have, and if it is- go for it. 

Talk to a friend, or if you don't have one- go make some. That is in fact very important if you have issues solving your problems on your own. (If you can't solve your things in your own head, and you don't talk to anyone about them, you'll end up forming other ways to go around the problem. Those can just make things more difficult in the future)

Relax, like jesus christ, school and work and all that can be exhausting, so please- do take a break. Do something that makes you happy. 

Don't be an asshole. (if someone's an asshole, fuck 'em)- Help a friend if they need it. -Do something nice for someone else.- It's obvious how all this makes someone's day better. 

Also, if you have a problem, of any kind- PLEASE don't be an idiot with it:
-Don't pretend it makes everyone else's problems non existing, and you somehow better.
-Don't hide your problems (no- I don't mean you should post it to facebook, here or anywhere but- you know) if you need help > ask for it. <

I wish you all good luck and I hope you have a nice day. 
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