Moomin fanfiction pt1
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it's my first..(the past tense switch to present tense at some point)


It was a lightful day at moominvalley. The sun was rising behind the lonely mountains. Poppy flowers were opening their petals, when tiny, sleepy bees were crawling from inside them. It looks like the weather couldn't be better. But even so, there is going to happen something, that anyone couldn't wait.
 There was already puffin grey smoke from moomin houses chimney, disappearing to the erratic-looking clouds. That meant, moomin mamma was already cooking breakfast for her family. But actually, in the kitchen, there was Moomintroll in the boiler-cupboard. What was he doing? Why was he already up at 6.30, when he usually got up at 8.30, at the earliest?
Moomintroll found a very large juicebottle, behind the pots. He had a big, green rucksack at the table. Inside that, was couple of breads, cloudberry-jam, old sleepingbag on top, and also map and a slingshot. Now he fills the huge bottle of strawberry juice.
  When his rucksack was ready, he took a small piece of letterpaper, and wrote a note. This is what it says:

                              Dear mom and dad,
I decited to leave on a trip, behind the ocean and lonely hills. Don't be worry at all. I'll be back after a week. Even if i wouldn't, don't come try to find me. It's my time to grow up, and leave for adventures, just like you dad. Who knows, maybe i'll find a pretty lady like you did, at my trip. Like I said, don't b worry
                   Loving, Moomintroll

Then he leaves from the door. He smells the fresh air, sees the flowers, bees and birds. He is so excited, that he doesn't even undrstand what he jus wrote. That he is actually leaving from home.

to be continued..
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All nice and dandy, but please write 'I' as capital letter. And I'm not sure, should Lonely Hills be with capitals too, since isn't it like name too..

JA! Älä kirjoita Fanfictioneita journaliksi! TTATT Mene 'Submit', 'submit art' ja tekstin 'Choose file to upload' alla on oikealla 'Enter text'. Sitten vaikka kirjoitat siihen suoraan tai copy pastetat jos kirjoitat tekstit ensin johonkin koneella olevalla ohjelmalla (mitä suosittelen).

Too short to my taste, I like to read muchmuch longer fanfics.
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Ok :D Pahoittelut kun en oikeen osaa käyttää näitä dA:n juttuja >.< Tämänkin pitäisi jatkua, mutta yritän ens kerralla kirjottaa sinne.... toiseen paikkaa :>
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Voi ei!!!MUUMIPEIKKOOOOOOO!!! Hieno tarina, mutta ei se pullukka poika villissä luonnossa pärjää... : DD
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iiiiiiiiiiiiiiih, ihana kommentti >.<

nin se taitaaa olla! mmymymy