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Sailor Moon Love

By MyMeloGal2
Okay people, this is my first stamp so it's not the best, and edited it on paint. -_-
When you say you watch, or like Sailor Moon, people say "Sailor Moon!? That's old!"
So what? People still go to Star Trek conventions and that's been around forever! (No offense)
Who cares if it's old? Especially since it's better than lots of magical girl anime today, plus lots of magical girl copy Sailor Moon.
Without Sailor Moon magical girl wouldn't have evolved like it has today, and some of your favorites probably wouldn't have existed!
Plus Sailor Moon is making a comeback in Japan and Italy is getting a Nintendo DS Game this spring!: [link]
So now it's getting popular again since Toei is reviving it
You are never to old for Sailor Moon!
Sailor Senshi Forever!
Edit: WOW! It's been 5 days and already 78 favs! :O
Thanks you guys! :D


Kodansha USA has announced 3/18/11 that they will be releasing the Sailor Moon manga in a new format (In the format of the Japanese re-release in 2003) and guess who else is coming to America for the first time....
CODENAME SAILOR V! That's right, kodansha is going to be giving us Sailor V in ENGLISH! They say they will release the new Sailor Moon Mangas this September!

Don't believe me?:

[link] (Kodansha Comics Official Site)

[link] )animenewsnetwork article)

UPDATE 5-22-11

This is a little late, but to let some of you know, Kodansha is going too stay true to the original manga

Credit goes to

Base: mimi1708
Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi and Toei Animation!
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You've been watching the Viz Media Dub of both the original and Crystal reboot series?
MatthewDaAnimeFanboy's avatar
You are correct! Such a classic anime.
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Sailor Moon has been my childhood. I remember I was in preschool or around kindergarden when it came out! It will always have a very special place in my heart!
Oyashiko-Chan's avatar
this has two meaning:
1. sailor moon can keep being watched over and over
2.even in the 30th centry she only looks a few years older from the 2th centry
TheAmazingGMan's avatar
HELLZ YEAH! *fist bump*
RoyalRaven99's avatar
I feel bad for everyone that commented that they couldn't wait for the SM remake in 2013. Its sad. At least they are remaking it. It's called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal. A new episode comes out every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. You can ask me for more news on SM anytime, I will eventually respond (sometimes I'm not on for a couple of months).
RoyalRaven99's avatar
So true! She will never die! I just love Sailor Moon Crystal!!!!!!!!
Gae-ta's avatar
Sailor moon doesn't get old, it gets classic, 'nuff said.
Ascyllia's avatar
Stamp says it all <3
CaptRiskyBoots's avatar
I saw this back when I was a kid and I never understood it. Now I'll get that chance now.
viv2001's avatar
love this show
Mina-Fox's avatar
I am soooooo waiting for the anime remake, and now I'm also in the process of collecting those classic video games. ^_^
dlaESP's avatar
I have to agree, I have just recently gotten into the Sailor Moon fandom, and I wasn't disappointed!
Laviismine's avatar
i'm rewatching the anime to refresh my memory on everything. I hope we get the Sailor Moon DS game.
CelticEarth's avatar
Too true. The only anime I'm still into and will never grow out of is Sailor Moon. Can't wait for the remake next year
StockingAnarchy11's avatar
Yep! Considering its getting a new season
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