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By entering the contest you are confirming that you have proper parental permission and that you are 13 years or older.

To enter you must do the following:

1)     Follow me on Tumblr

2)     Like and Reblog the week's Sweepstakes announcement

3)     Send me an ASK stating your age (example I'm 18!)

4)     You must be willing to share your address so I can ship the DVD

5)     Your ASK box must be open for me to request a shipping address.


Marse-Madness GiveAway is open to residents in the US who are 13 years or older. Anime titles are unrated but depending on your age you will be entered to win a DVD within your age range.

Example: Entry for 18 year old will qualify you to win a DVD in any category, while a 13 year old will only qualify for titles rated 13+ or lower.

By entering the contest you are confirming that you have proper parental permission and that you are 13 years or older. Winners will be announced on a YouTube video on my channel myMarcioTV.

Give Away Schedule:

Week 1: February 28th through March 3rd.

Week 2:March 4th through March 10th.

Week 3:March 11th through March 17th

Week 4:March 18th through March 24th

Week 5:March 25th through March 31st

Winner's Announcement Schedule (tentative):

Week 1: March 4

Week 2: March 11

Week 3: March 18

Week 4: March 25

Week 5: April 1


There will be a total of five (5) giveaways with a total of 30 DVD prizes.

Winners will be selected at random each week. Prizes will be matched by age suggestion written on the back of the DVD.


Make sure your ASK box is open for me to confirm a shipping address in the even you win.

All DVDs have a tentative date of being shipped by Saturday of the first or second week of April, 2013.

How your information will be used:

I will not sell or keep any of your personal information. After closing the giveaways and confirming your shipping address I will be deleting each ask.
Hellow fellow followers,

In the spirit of Birthday March (my birthday month)! I will be hosting a give away.

There will be a series of anime DVD prizes. I'm still putting the details together as some DVDs are only appropriate for certain ages like 7+, 13+, 14+. 15+. 16+, 18+ due to their rating.

I am trying to make the give away as open to 13+ as possible but having difficulty accessing some rules. HOWEVER, that's nothing to be discouraged - STAY POSTED FOR THE MARCH-GIVEAWAY as a thank you for everyone who is following me on YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and DeviantArt. More information coming soon! :)

I am probably not as active here as I'd like but I do thank the Deviant Art community.
During my initial stages of drawing I always sought help from its members.

One of the things I always struggled with was Line Art and making it as clean as possible.
In this tutorial I am hoping to help others achieve this goal as well.

The tutorial takes around 3 minutes and can be found @

I look forward to reading your comments and hopefully learn additional techniques from you.