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Just doodling :P whenever I draw Zonic that painting style comes out unconsciously. I think I know why :XD:

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Can you make me a sonic fan art?

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I might sound weird, but from his pose, lighting, and this angle, he looks hot, not gonna lie.
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Very cool ^^
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If only there was a Zamy. Ah, we could only dream.
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Agreed. Man... Does anyone read the comics anymore? Or is it just a pun on Zonic's name?
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ikr. And I know people who have never played any sonic games, nor read any of the comics, but still talk about sonic because they see it online. You have to actually read the comics and play the games (or at least watch gameplay of the games) to actually understand sonic.
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You are now my fwend.Racing Girl Emoji (Ehehe) [V4]  
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If it's a pun then it's a very bad one.
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Maybe because metal is fun to paint?
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This looks PHENOMINAL!!!! 😄😄😄
srsly?? wut is he doin
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Very nice, your gallery is amazing
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is this like a robo thing or mega man idk X3 (i still luv it tho)
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its Sonic I'm pretty sure :"3
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