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I'm so happy to see you

I wasn't in a good mood when I started drawing this and they still look so happy ~
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Nice. c ; I wish you would be okay though.
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Sonic: I'm so happy to see you!

Amy: But you just saw me yesterday, silly!

Sonic: That was so long ago though!

Amy: You're such a sappy nut you know?

Then they kiss. Aww.

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Sonamy is the cutest~
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So beautiful and their expressions 😭 they are so happy 💕
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This is cute and awesome looking! I love the design of both Sonic and Amy. It's smooth, It's Clean, and overall beautiful to look at! Great work on this!
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Amazing coloring on this!
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so cute!!! I love their faces. 
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This ship is overrated. It can go die in fire. 
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If ya don't like it then don't comment. It's simple.
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Whatever. It still needs to die. 
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And quit. Its so simple. Dont like it? Heres a great solution! Dont comment! It saves you ten seconds of energy!
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No. Amy and her fans deserve every piece of hate they can possibly get. 
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That didn't get you the to be a jerk to people who loves her. How would you like when someone hates a Sonic character that you love so much?  
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First of all, Amy is an actual good character. She saves Sonic a few times and even makes Silver good. Just read the comics. Amy's actualy pretty cool in there. Again. Dont like it dont commemt.
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Well, that's your opinion pal.
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