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Elsa the Snow Queen


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The Fire Within_Book Cover

Designs and Interfaces

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Zen night


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Ocean Dark and Deep

You watch from safe a shore. as I approach the tide a-tiptoe: with widening eyes you call me back as lapping waters lick my ankles, -laughter ringing off the ocean- my wanderlust outweighs your worries. The setting sun, we are alone, (finally) joyous, mischievous-- layers shed, I call you to me. “The water's warm, and so am I, come, take me like the tide, and I will rock you like a wave." I crook my finger in your direction - “Come, my love, and drink it in; my passion and my sun kissed skin awaits your knowing hands and lips – roll with the current and my hips. Give in to temptation, come to your loving siren. Feel my thrill to be your siren!” "The Deep, the Dark," I mutter, chest constricting, hands wringing, gulping air like a fish dry-drowning. "Unseen, Unknown. The Deep, The Dark --

Emotional Poetry

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Blur of Light

When I was young My father gave me A Night Light I was so elated Because any night When I was afraid I would look up and see the light That showed the most beautiful image The most happy image Of a castle and a princess A unicorn and a fairy And I wouldn't be So scared anymore But as I grew older I had that same Night Light But now I cannot see the picture clearly It is all just a white blur And the details are smeared and vague I cannot see the picture Even though I wanted to I wish I could have viewed it Like I always did And it would give me an assurance I did not know where to look I felt as if There was nothing to do but hide I wished I wished I could take in the picture To help highlight the cheer and the goodness But the elements are not defined And it makes it hard to see what is And what is not Anymore I wanted something to show me What was true And what was a lie What can truly drown away my fear And illustrate what true joy is Where will I find it? Where will I...

Family Life Poetry

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Fantasy Art

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Fireworks 1


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for vesna...

Flower, Plant, Trees

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Food Art

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Pure energy

Fractal Art

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I Luvs Me Sum Manson


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Horror Artwork

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...that I lighted up the way to here

Horror Photography

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Finalement, je l’aperçois décliner Si délaissé et silencieux à l’horizon Témoin de l’extinction de ses rayons Je le vois tranquillement sombrer Un corbeau virevolte dans les airs Et je refuse de lever le petit doigt Pour le soleil bien pâle qui se noie Dans l’accalmie apaisante de la mer Sans être désolé, je ne plongerai pas Pour me tremper et nager jusqu’à lui Je l’abandonnerai, moi son déloyal ami Puis l’obscurité par son poids m’écrasera Cette dernière recouvrira mon désespoir Jusqu’à demain, elle le gardera bien au frais Car partager ma souffrance est mon projet Une douleur que je répandrai sur le territoire Aux balbutiements d’une noirceur éternelle Je me lèverai très tôt, dès les petites heures Afin d'écouter le résonant galop du malheur En persistant dans ma désinvolture criminelle Alors sur le visage de mes frères et sœurs Se dessinera une déception ineffaçable Quand ils réaliseront que je suis coupable De cette désirée comme intentionnelle erreur Or, je ne pourrai

Horror Poetry

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My Light

You stand here in the dark with me Unsure where the world will go Or if it will simply crumble under our feet It's hard to see ahead of me It's hard to know where to step It's hard to predict what may come But I know that if you're here with me I'm not afraid of making that next movie Together you and I will light up our world

Human Nature poems

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Caution Keep Out

Carelessly I gave my soul to you, yes the everything and anything that made up my entire being. Yet still understanding in return i would receive nothing but the anguish of a mutual divorce that neither you nor i could admit that we both wanted, for in the end the obstacles and distance between our mentality turning nicks into the fissures that separated our reality Keeping at bey the tragedy that is this lifestyle that echoes the hypocrisy of superiority over unity. My emotions now spent, and wasted on such a hollow prick who couldn't even tell the pain he was bringing On himself for our time could have been better spent undressing the complex maters of ones personal issues than reading the simple message that i left for you.

General Poetry

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Next week: Halloween Week!

Hello dear members! Months are flying by, and we're already at the end of October. This can only mean one thing: Halloween is around the corner! The team at NaturesHaven ( is mighty excited about this, and that's why we have prepared a Halloween Week just for you! This week is going to be all about Halloween, Autumn and of course: nature! Special themed features with amazing pieces of art will be brought to you by the following members of the team:  3Y3TOY (, DaughterofSachmet (, Endorell-Taelos (, Mouselemur ( & Yuukon (! We are very excited, and we can't wait to showcase the amazing Halloween and Autumn art we have found all over DA. The mos


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Hello Kitty free journal

Journal Skins

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Love All

LGBT pride

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Black Kiss


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Mental Health

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Cosmic Greetings

Mixed Media

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Game Of Thrones

Movies and TV Shows

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My Little Pony

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Sleepers Arise

Sleepers Arise In the oldest battlefield, During the greatest fight, Nearly every warrior is felled. The dark army defeats the light. I know that you’re tired, While the dark gave them power. You wish to be retired But it is not over. Evil and good are Both in every body. And so you won't get far Without anybody. We might still lose. It might not matter. But we must choose. Which is better? You might be dead, but we need you now. Corpses live. Now we have a surprise. Please fight again, somehow. Sleepers, it's time to arise!

Narrative Poetry

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Willow by the River

Nature Drawing and Paintings

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The Blood Of Angels Shed To Keep You Alive

Nature Photography

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Tropical Rain

Whisper winds and clapping leaves Hear the tides are changing Pressures drop, clouds thicken Soon the rains are coming Thunderstorms and lightning streaks The sky, now a painting Watercolour washout rain Sweeps the leaves away

Nature Poetry

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commission art


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Pagan Art

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Little Friend

People and Portraits Photography

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Perfact world

                                                       Perfect world In a perfect world this would never happen, In a perfect world no one would pass out in the bar, there would be no alcohol abuse In a perfect world this would never happen, In a perfect world there would be no rape, there would be no abuse In a perfect world this wouldn't happen, In a perfect worl

Philosphical Poetry

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In Death, A Song


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Hi there

Portrait Drawings

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The word love Is not in my mind I don't know what it means Or what it feels like I don't know how it smells I know nothing of the taste It's not a real thing Because it has no true place "I'm not bleeding Uncle But it hurts right here" I grab my chest Without shedding a tear "Does Mommy love me? Why doesn't Daddy understand? Will I ever find anyone To hold my shaking hand?" He shook his head no And held his last breathe "Please Uncle don't leave me! I promise to be the best! The best little boy In the whole wide world Better than any other Little boy or girl" He cursed me Letting go of his breathe "please... die" He

Proses and Stories

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IrishBlood Stamp


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if love is...

If love is a breath that lasts only for an hour I would take in as much I could in all my power To welcome the sweet and gentle embrace To  marvel as I trace upon your face Would birds agree wherever they be Would flowers burn with blushing ember flames Would songs turn bitter in utter shame For they cannot hold you as close as me The roses gathered but none can be As beautiful as you are , see Those that banter of fairer gaze Has obviously not encounter such a grace I love her as much as hands could ever hold If songs could sing I think they might Of how hearts can take their flight When they see an angel in threshold If love

Romantic Poetry

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Cyprus - Famagusta Sea scenery 1 (2019)

Rural and Urban

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School Archive 3: The Solution to School

How glad am I, I can't express In words that any know; That soon all of my stress shall soon have a fruit grow. Many years of education spent toiling for this event. High school graduation day, What more is there to say? How glad am I, for I know math, That can help me in my life. And who needs know the simple path Of taxes or insurance forms rife? And I don't need to know how to raise a child, Or how to deal with someone wild, For school has taught me Shakespeare's plays, Which somehow will feed me through my days. Anything can be improved, of course. A solution, I proclaim! To fix the problem at its source I decree: "More of the same!" Le

Sociopolitcal Poetry

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Perfectly Imperfect

Spiritual Poetry

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Still Life Photography

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Frozen Forest

Street Photography

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Rose in the red lights

There is no familiar face in view Only strangers walking on broken limbs All encrusted in sparkling gloom Flying on the wings of lust's great whims Would you forgive me for the crime? War is a friend walking next to me She slung her head to see the grime On the street, paving made of her vanity I'm watching Rose She's in full view Do you suppose she's watching too? I wish she knew She walks on stilts Above the world and as it tilts She holds out her hand Out for the millionth man And as she lies I see her eyes and then she cries She cries all day and night until the lights are turned up bright She walks with shackles 'round

Transgressive Poetry

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Transportation Artwork

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Fire Demons


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The Clash

Waterscape Photography

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Video Games

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Light craters

3D Dimensions

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