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I tend to agree with the other two deviants when it comes to the female anatomy. Though you're off to a great start, I find that you need to work a little more with a figure study. I'm going to start from head to toe with the major things that stand out to me, starting with Serena.

Her head seems unproportional when in comparison to the rest of her body. Her right eye is also slanted at the bottom. I imagine it's where you put the mark for her bottom lid, but the way it sharply meets the inside curve of her iris gives it the appearance of being aged. But you've given the face that classic small lips close to the big anime eyes theme; which is really, really important when looking at a character as old as Selena! So kudos! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/> You really nailed it! The neck seems a bit too thick, more masculine. Serena in character also seems to have a more slender, form. Her belly button seems a bit off, like not elongated enough, Though that could just be me. I don't believe her shoulders are squared off, and her fingers on her left hand are too short. The legs to me seem off alignment by a smidge. In contrast to the broad definition you've given her hips, her thighs don't seem to measure up. The way the panties lie on the figure also seems to blend. Like you just put them on without consideration for the way you've got the body contorted. Because of the way her left thigh is over the light, the body is twisted too. So there should be definition to the actual action of the turning body. Overall, you did an amazing job with colouring/shading, and your layers. They all distance well.

Master Roshi's expression is priceless. I used to look forward to that pose whenever I saw DBZ and Roshi getting his perv on. It was his infamous character charm. You've captured the colours, and shades well. Your blending is excellent, and the line art is captured nicely. The only complaints I have are his hands. I know he's not the main focus, but his left arm is lacking in a few details. Not necessarily because the hand is too small (as if you were trying to just get it to fit in the picture), but because of the way the sleeve falls on the arm, in comparison to how you have the arm upright. The sleeve is suggesting that his arm is outstretched a bit, like holding an object. It's extremely similar to the right one. So, naturally, I would expect the forearm to follow the same procedure. However it's somewhat slanted inward. It's just a bit too close to the body. But truth be told it still looks excellent. <3

Jiraiya is win. Period. His expression is priceless, and completely accurate for the character we've all come to know and love. He fits the category of nosebleed pervert to a capitol, and I adore your rendition of him in every way. Top Notch! ♥

Sanji is HILARIOUS! His expression is nothing short of perfect when thinking of everyone's favourite perverted cook. The flared nostrils are a great touch, captivating Eiichiro Oda's work perfectly. I also love the little details you've put in, like the extra curl in his eyebrow, and the lines on his teeth in the far back, giving them a little more definition. To be honest, I think my real complaint.. has to be his heart. Though it's cute, with the little stress lines and everything.. it's on the wrong side.

Kon looks adorable. I love your line work, and the plane you worked with. Your expression work is lovely, as is the perspective work. The only critique I can give is the button. The line on the bottom of the curve falls flat, so it gives the impression the button juts out. But I have to say, after taking a second look at it just not, I JUST noticed that you made a shadow for him in the sand. Righteous! XD Love those little details! <3 But I do have to ask, what made you decide to give him a beach background too? I don't know if that falls as a critique solely, but To me it just felt of place, a bit askew. Since none of the others had much of a background. I'm guessing it's because you've so much extra space with Kon as opposed to the others, and needed something to fill it with. I dunno, just an observation <img src="…" width="19" height="19" alt="^^;" title="Sweating a little..."/>

I'm not trying to sound like I'm nitpicking at it, but rather trying to give light to those little details that make a picture truly, and thoroughly stand out. I really enjoyed going through all my old, and new, anime favourites, and revisiting my childhood when thinking of them. Seeing master Roshi made me nearly burst out laughing myself as I remembered that infamous pervy grin/cackle he had every time he saw a babe. I really enjoyed that. So I thank you for bringing light to my day. Keep practicing with that female anatomy, and don't forget to go back every now and then and just sit and draw different body parts and their movements/expressions. It's really important to get the basics down, and keep them that way. I truly can't wait to revisit your gallery again and again to watch your subtle, or drastic improvements. Keep up the amazing work, and keep practicing!

~Kit ♥<img src="…" width="15" height="18" alt=":blackrose:" title="Black Rose"/>
Nose Bleed
commented on 's profile
First, let me just say how amazing your creations are! They're beyond stellar and awe inspiring. I love the element of realism you place into every piece, and how attentive you are to the presentation of your posables. You really do set a life-like mood with their surroundings. :) Also, I was hoping you might be able to answer a question for me.. or give me a point in the right direction anyway. Faux fur.. is it possible to paint it with acrylic mixtures, or is it best to airbrush/is it possible to airbrush and get the sharpness of a line into the fur? I've not gotten a chance to work with faux fur before, but there's so many outfits I'd like to make for cosplay and I just can't seem to find a good tutorial/something to go off of for fur painting. Any pointers/information really would be appreciated. Even a place to start off looking for information.
Ooooo Jade is cool too! I wanted to get close to hm, but I answered the catcus question wrong :C
Haha, I can't find you! D: My profile's Kaiyren-- I'm pretty sure it's the only one there. xD But yeah, hit me up on there if you like. Favourite Character? Hmm... Probably Nathaniel, or Castiel! I've only started, so I'm not that far into the game-- I believe episode 4.