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Spock Hair for M4

Here's an updated and refitted to better fit M4 with WERTS' Spock morph applied.

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I do not want to be rude like the poster at ShareCG. I am have difficulty redirecting the HR file path in the code. I've never done th is before and my path is different from the on listed in the file. IF you could please advise. Your work is marvolous by the say.
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Are you using dAz/studio or poser? i'm still trying to figure out why some people are having problems and some aren't.

when the program asks for files, redirect it to your c drive. the files are there in 'mylochkas hair textures' texture file, the 'mylochka' folder in the geometry folder and the 'mylochka' folder in the hair folder.
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Thank you for answering so promtly. I'm befuddled by that myself. I did put the C: in place of the E: and it stopped doing the "No Disc" message. (I'm using P6 by the way, not D/S). Now when I try to apply the hair it shuts down Poser in the blink of an eye.

You are absolutely right, the files are exactly where they are suppose to be. There seems to be something funky in the "Hr" code. I'll work on it for a while myself. IF I figure it out I'll post since others have the same issue.

I have h ad some corruption of poser files that I've saved before. Something hinky about my Poser that re-install hasn't corrected. So ... if other folks have the same Poser issues, it could be th at and not your file at all. I'm just trying to cover all my baces.

Please, excuse any typos that detract from my message, as I am visurally i mpaired and don't catch them all. Thank you again for looking into this.

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As always, you do fantastic work and it's greatly appreciated by those of us who depend on it.

Thanks Mylochka!

I hope you feel better soon!!!! I also hope you get a post-bug birthday celebration.
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thank you for share :D
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