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Rand Doll 01

DISCLAIMER: This is not a "real" doll. It's is a backwards-engineered, "ersatz" doll.

"Dolling" (if you hadn't heard.. and I hadn't until recently) is a type of pixel art. The process the artist uses to create the doll is as important to Dollers as the final look of their creation. This image was neither "pixelled" nor "tooled."

I liked the look of some dolls I saw, so I created an image using Poser, a 3D graphics program. The figure is Aiko 3.0 with original skin texure and hair. She is wearing Aiko Retro with Aiko Trek texture by :iconoshikai:

After rendering the image, I took it into Photoshop and did so much postworking to get it to look like a digital doll that I think it might have been faster just to have pixel painted the thing....

You are free to use this little icon anyway you'd like.
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How abut a Vulcan doll? ;-)
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working on it now!
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Oh, cool! Looking forward to it!