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Heart of the Winter

In a strange blend of science fiction and fantasy, I'm doing a series of pictures for a calendar for my friend Cher featuring 12 of the characters from the Valjiir series as elves. Under the Drow texture and tattoos, this is Uhura in the illustration for February.


V3 with original morph, texture, and hair
Original earrings with textures by :iconparrotdolphin: and :iconfkdesign:
Costume by EvilInnocence
Lute by DAZ
Celtic Corner by Danie and Marforno

Rendered in Poser 8
Postwork in Photoshop CS
Image details
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3119x1844px 5.95 MB
© 2013 - 2021 mylochka
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I thought it was a Vulcan settler on Andoria...
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Nice work with the posing...only thing is the neck of the instrument should sit a little further down into the that angle it looks like the only thing keeping it in place is the fretting fingertips.

Or, I don't know, I could be wrong, maybe this is an elven technique with this particular instrument, traditionally played with the fretting fingertips maintaining its position. It's not a guitar, it just resembles one.
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I think you're right. Now that I look at it, I think I've got the lute a little higher than it should be.
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Actually if you rotate it a bit it should seat nicely in the palm, and the player can hold onto it with the tips of the fingers on the right hand.
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wow I really love this Character !!! Awesome image and can't wait to see the other 11 :)