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Andorian Tabbard for M4Valiant



Here's the tabbard texture for M4 Valiant I previewed the other day. The shoulders aren't really broad enough, but I think it's passable. The first three designs are from "Journey to Babel.' The last is an approximation of the tabbard worn by the Andorian drill thrall in "Gamesters of Triskelon."

I put in two chain mail textures for the Valiant tunic too. The first one came out a little too "distressed" looking.

Can anyone suggest a clothing model for V4 that includes an overlay that could be converted into a satisfactory tabbard?
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Hey, Mylochka, Just today after watching Enterprise, I was thinkin bout wether I feel well enough to start yet another project, got three in the fire already, doing the black uniform they wore in Enterprise myself. LOL

If I can, would it be ok if I just converted the colors on this one to black and used it instead? Thanks, The Hatter