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Comm: FE: Dark Shores

OH MAN! Okay so this one took awhile to complete but man was it fun to draw. Thank you so much :iconjakonen-san: for commissioning me to draw your characters once more. Terribly sorry for the long wait.

Anyway these are the characters from his fanfic Fallout Equestria: Dark Shores. Be sure to check it out if you can guys ^_^
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Screw me, this image, as good it is, doesn't motivate me enough to read this fic. Screw me and my opinion "what makes character a good character".
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i know how you feel brother. only way i check out new foe fanfics is if they have at least 10 different people doing art of them.  i think the fanfics for foe is around 50 different one and many of them end up half done or pure crap.
Somehow I feel that I should argue with you on page with this fine art.

I see your point in your statement, but I think that Stranger Law (or how do you call the law that states that 95 percent of everything is crap?) is quite applicable... with everything. "Have a lot of followers and have huge amount of fan artwork" doesn't mean "really good fic". Coz' it is matter of advertising rather than skill.

I wouldn't go really far, but FoE and FoE:PH are such cases. And honestly, I think that PH is just FoE taken into square or even cube power.

And what I meant is that I wouldn't read Dark Shores in any time soon because of that mermaid pony. As often such characters are just author's attempt to make "unique" "original" character, not knowing that it is not the appearance that makes character unique.
(Heck, LittlePip wasn't given one, and we can't tell that she is some random pony)
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Your looking for Sturgeon's Law.

I appreciate your sentiment of "Followers and art =/= good fan fic." and the Unique character bit. I still would ask you to give it a shot. I would like to think that Riptide was a protagonist first, and a seapony second. Of course that's for the reader to decide.

The Seaponies in my fic were more of a exploration of the setting i had made. How would being on the ocean for 200 years change how ponies lived? After combining the liberties you could take with setting, and some inspiration from nautical folklore. Seaponies just made sense after that.
2 centuries and 10 years of radiation and Taint isn't enough to completely change the specie - give tail, take hindlegs is way too much, even not considering the ability of breathing underwater and poikilotherism or warm-bloodyness. So far I can only remember one way to quickly change the biology of specie - that is either Poison Joke (not suitable for, like, massive production), or "if everything fails, use POWERFUL magic".

And catching fish.. I would suggest that fish either a meal basis for seapony (which is, you know, also quite impossible to acquire through evolution in 200 years.), or there is no other suitable food for her to eat nearby (NB - due to radiation the grass and plankton in ocean is first thing to die after nuclear war).

I can understand this liberties you are talking about, but for me I could only accept this liberties in social plan, imagining tribes customs and other social institutes, not in biology.

I do not intend saying that your fic is bad, I am just saying that I have got a lot of burns from such nontraditional characters that I am afraid to get burn one more.
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project horizons at two mutant she ponies. but what i ment is the fics that i seen with alot of pics or in my opinion good. foe and foe ph have a shit ton of pics. pink eyes is getting a decent amount. even murky has a decent artist following. every one of them are pretty good. even though i couldn't finish murky.  i was just saying that if your looking for a decent foe read, look to see if there a decent amount of art for it, that will show that alot of people like it since the ratio for artiest in the fandom quite small. Of course your right to say some people pay commission to art for the stories but then the writer belives in his work then. blah blah blah i like cookies ;)
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This is freaking AMAZING, Sheepy! The amount of detail is astounding. Love it!
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Ah thank you so very much ;u;
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Okay Sheeps this is absolutely amazing
You are awesome dude ^.^
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Thank you so much >w<
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Oh wow, you grabbed every pony's expressions so well! Bravo! Bravo!
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Thank you so very much ^^
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You are welcome. I love the more humorous tales, done with these stories.
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This is the topnotch of topnotchery right here! I especially like the way you did the sheet metal parts. Lovin Eclair's shit eating grin. Tis the most mischiefing smirk ever to grace a pony face! And you can actually tell that Sugar Rush is supposed to be chubby!  The Poseidon (The ship) Looks even better than i imagined it. Seriously i should pay you double for what you managed to make here!  I promise the next commission i ask for will be simpler. Unless, of course, you like complicated commissions like this.
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haha thank you very much for the video XD

And thank you so very much, I'm so happy to hear you enjoy it ^_^
And don't worry about it, I like both complicated and simple commissions! Both are pretty good to me!
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