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MLP stamps are lovely! The sad thing is, there is hardly an groups for them! Look no further, MyLittlePonyStamps is right here! Submit all of your stamps here to share with other bronies and/or pegasisters! Here is our chat:…

:bulletred: Anyone can join, you just have to love stamps or know how to make them!:la:

:bulletblue: Respect all the other members and be friendly even they don't have your opinion!

:bulletyellow: Please submit stamps to the right folders.
•We're also a group that accepts wallpapers, journal skins, vectors, etc. Submit those in the right folders too please!

:bulletgreen: Don't submit official artworks, screenshoots, WIPs or stolen pictures!

:bulletorange: You can post mature stamps, please put a filter on it though.

:bulletpurple:Trolling/flaming/ and rude behavior won't be accepted. If it comes to the admins attention that you're doing one of the three, you will be WARNED. A second time, blocked from the group for 2 weeks. A third time, blocked from the group permanently.

:bulletpink:Remember, Love and Tolerance!

:happybounce:STAMP FaQ:happybounce:
• What is a stamp?
It's a dA version of a userbox. dA stamps are used to express feelings or show pride or love for something!

•How can I use it?
Scroll down and look to your right, there is a box titled "thumb". Copy and paste the code in the box and place in anywhere you want. They don't work for signatures, dev descriptions, and journals. They DO work for deviantID boxes and Gallery boxes.C:

• But I don't have a Premium Membership!
That's fine! dA allows people without PM's to use stamps now!

• How do I make one?
Stamp Tutorial for Paint:…
Stamp Tutorial for GIMP:…
Stamp Tutorial for Photoshop:…

• But I want to request for a stamp to be made!

• But I want to commission for a stamp!

• I'm still a bit confused....
Try noting the group then, we can probably help you.

That is our point account. If you want, you can donate to help make this group a supergroup! The leftover points will go to the donators.C:

More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

Positivity by Leah-the-Red
Twilight Sparkle
twilight sparkle fan stamp by smol-panda
Thoughts by sevedie
Alicorn Twilight fan stamp by MarioSonicPeace
Twilight Stamp by KanashiiBara
applejack fan stamp by smol-panda
AppleJack stamp by KanashiiBara
AJ Fan Stamp by NavelColt
fluttershy fan stamp by smol-panda
FlutterBi by ptitemouette
Flutter stamp by KanashiiBara
Butterscotch Fan Stamp by NavelColt
Pinkie Pie
pinkie pie fan stamp by smol-panda
Pinkamena Stamp by KanashiiBara
Pinkamena Pie Stamp by KittyJewelpet78
Pinkiepie Stamp by KanashiiBara
Rainbow Dash
rainbow dash fan stamp by smol-panda
Lul stamp by ptitemouette
Never stop dreaming - Stamp by Fofurastro
May the Horse be with you stamp by the-ocean-sings
rarity fan stamp by smol-panda
Nightmare Rarity Stamp by KanashiiBara
Cutie Mark Crusaders
gabby fan stamp by smol-panda
babs seed fan by smol-panda
applebloom fan stamp by smol-panda
sweetie belle fan by smol-panda
Other Ponies
King Sombra S9 Stamp by Nukarulesthehouse1
cadence fan stamp by smol-panda
shining armor fan stamp by smol-panda
blueblood fan stamp by smol-panda
Princess Celestia
daybreaker fan stamp by smol-panda
celestia fan stamp by smol-panda
Molly Stamp by KanashiiBara
Princess Luna Nightmare Moon
nightmare moon fan stamp by smol-panda
Fandom related
Trixie Is Innocent Stamp by GrapefruitFace1
spike fan stamp by smol-panda
#008 by Alilinene
MLP Gen 1,2,3 and 3.5
[f2u] g3 puzzleventure celebration castle stamp by FearlessMist
Playful Pinkie Pie WP by AliceHumanSacrifice0
[Selling old OC] Neon Switch [AUCTION] by sevedie
OC pairings
Fan Button: TwiJade Fan by SilverRomance
Journal skins
Free DiscordxCelestia Journal skin by DBluver
Equestria and other lands
MLP the Movie 2017 Animated Stamp by x0-NOX-0x
Other MLP characters
skystar fan stamp by smol-panda
MLP: Trixie x Lightning Dust Stamp by Lots-of-Stamps
Our mascot
Vectors and other works
Rarity Overload by AtomicMillennial
Group related
I Support Lesbian Ponies - Stamp by Sternentoertchen
2 or more poines in a stamp
Mlp new generation - Celestial love by CristianoReina


Moondancer x Glory stamp by Blossomforth Moondancer x Glory stamp :iconblossomforth:Blossomforth 15 1 Applebloom sleeping - animated by alfa995 Applebloom sleeping - animated :iconalfa995:alfa995 1,001 466 Opalescence and Winona by GoatAnimeDatingSim Opalescence and Winona :icongoatanimedatingsim:GoatAnimeDatingSim 3,645 604


Our darling group buddies~


The wonderful admins.C:








Silly little fillies~

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