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Gallery Folders

Cozy Glow by handgunboi
There are alligators in the lake by JinZhan
Smile! by SpainFischer
Friendship Painata by AssasinMonkey
Main Characters
Starlightsparkl (one frame) by SheillyDe
Twiggie by AterHut
Rainbow Dash and her Precious Book by LeonKay
Fluttershy at Sunset by CosmikVek
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Love hug by thediscorded
Cutie Mark Crusaders by SymbianL
Raining by Weird--Fish
Alicorn Babs Seed by lachlancarr1996
Equestrian Royalty
Always In My Dreams by GreenBrothersArt
Celestia and Luna by etozhexleb
Princess Flurry Heart by Orin331
Cosmic Splendor by Rocket-LawnChair
Smug Sunset by SymbianL
Cozy Glow's Evil Plans by LynnTheNerdKitty
Cozy Commands You by StormyTheTrooper
Nightmare Moon by Avrameow
Secondary + Background Characters
Music in my head by Malte279
Sunsetshower Rainrops by Magfen
Little Hemera by Orin331
mud hugs? by pzkratzer
Mixed Characters
Music Tree by Parrpitched
Mistletoe by etozhexleb
Hiya Dash (Re-Draw 3.0) by UnknownArtist20
Twilight x Ryoky - 40 years later by TheBenAlpha
OC Characters
Drawie by Weird--Fish
FutureHooves: Picked these for you by Azurllinate
Strawberries by ErrorREn
Good Luck by MagicStarFriends
Spectral Wind Gif (Commission Experiment) by AppleNeedle
Starch foam Starlight Glimmer Animation by Malte279
comission Aurelia charm by age3rcm
Flight animation (test) by SheillyDe
The Gift Horse by bobthedalek
Why Me!? - Celestia Ending - 09 by Gutovi
MLP - What about the Future? #17 by Lummh
The Lunar Eclipse Act III Part 7 (2 of 4) by Axel-Doi
Other Crafts
Vinyl Scratch keyring pendant by Malte279
Pony Related
OC Folder 2 FULL
MLP Tumblr: Banana Pie by RingleaderRio-Rio
OC Folder 3 FULL
SECRET SANTTTA by frankie-e
OC Folder 4 FULL+
Two face of Memori by TheBenAlpha
OC Folder 5

Rules & Information

Group Rules

Art we won't accept:

  • Content that isn't created by the person submitting the art piece. This will therefore include anything made in/from: bases, creators, games, and many other such programs and sources.
  • Mature content, this includes, but isn't limited to: alcohol, drugs, porn, violence.
  • Submissions that include one of the following: blurry photos or scans, lined paper, the default deviantART watermark, and sketches.
  • Crossovers, fanfics, Tumblr posts, basically if we don't have the folder for it we're not accepting it.
  • Advertisements.

Art Submissions

If you're not sure what goes where, take a look at this journal before asking. If you're still not sure, send the group a note.


If there are any questions pertaining your work being declined please leave a comment on the submission in question. This will speed up the process of us being able to help you with your problem.

Common Mistakes While Submitting:

  • Group of characters go in "Mixed Characters" folder.
  • If the an OC is in the submission, even if it is Anthro, Human, Equestria Girl or Group Shot it goes in "OC" folder.
  • Equestria Girl, Human and Anthro version of a character goes into Altered Form version folder where there is a sub-folder for each category.
  • There is a folder for each Secondary Characters and Background Characters (Background characters either only have one speaking line and only show up once or they show up multiple times in the background but never speak a line of dialogue.
  • Cosplay of a character goes in Other Arts folder (In the future might be a "Cosplay" sub-folder in that folder.)

Appreciate the acknowledgement when submitting your submissions.
Sincerely, the Admins


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