The massive amount of bans for posting ponies on /co/ seems to have subsided, but there's apparently a rule that you can't post anything pony related out side of the generals.
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Ezephyr Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2011
I think it's bad that it's banable if you post dem ponies on /b/, I mean, /b/ is "random" at all, there should be anything allowed. Well, besides the usual cancer like camwhoring or CP. You know what I mean.
But I don't get why MLP is considered as "cancer" by the mods. Sure, it's not something that somepony would expect when coming to /b/, since /b/ is literally the asshole of the internet, just because it's not full of rage, doesn't mean it's not cancer.
Mods=fags, modget=fagget.
Ezephyr Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2011
>just because it's not full of rage, doesn't mean it's cancer.
nuttypanther Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2011
Whatever, I just use ponychan
friendofpie Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
eh at least its better then Something awfuls total ban of Ponies all together, we still got our mighty /co/ generals. (also we don't have to pay MONEY to post on 4chan, fuck I hate SA)
Dai101 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
Friendship is indeed magic. I haven't seen a meltdown like this in 4chan since ... NEVER

stevethepocket Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this the first time they've initiated a site-wide ban on anything? Because I gotta say, it's pretty awesome that we pissed them off THAT BAD.

They mad.
AnyaThePurple Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
Confused newbie question: What's /co/?
danceadaisy Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2011
It stands for 'Comics and Cartoons' It's a them board on where the MLP threads have been most prominent.
BB-K Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ever since I was at the Derpy Hooves fansite, I do stumble upon people using screenshots and add in inappropriate sentences in them, that's just so not cool. Particularly that looks more like pronz even if it doesn't look like one.
Buttersc0tchSundae Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
lol ponis is serious business apparently. First SA (lol hope lots of bronies had 10 bux), now 4chan.

But remember what Saruman says: Against the Power of Ponies there can be no victory.

Their bans may block out the sun, but we will just eat our candy in the shade!
Timdrakewayne Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011
They were giving out bans for it? Sheesh :I
I'm kinda like, why can't we use reaction ponies outside of MLP threads? but alright, at least we can still be on /co/
Fei-Larco Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011
Just to put it out there, if you were banned and want to become unbanned without waiting like the 12year you are, go to your modem, unplug it, re-plug it, instantly new IP, back on 4chan. This is common knowledge guys, come on.

i hope someone will just make it a journal (maybe someone who can make journals for the group)
Seiginotora Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I got banned today simply because I was trying to spark a rational discussion on the matter. "My post contained a banned word." I guess "pony" and "ponies" were the banned word in question. Bah.

Well, the ban'll be lifted tomorrow... but still, kinda hard for me to play Devil's Advocate when a powertripping mod is proving the "Bronies" right. ¬.¬ I mean, I think the show is charming and I like the characters, though it's not really my thing...

... though there is a bit of subconscious who wants to see a Pagan / MLP crossover wallpaper. Pagan drawn in the current MLP style? How would that work? OH, in case you're wondering what I'm talking about... [link] ... just fyi.
TRiGGER80 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I think, this is a little awkward... "yes, you may post the cartoon characters you are fan of on a CARTOON board now." ¬_¬

But yeah.. .tis a "bittersweet victory", kinda...

I can live with that...after all, the bronies / PonyFans actually always put a lot of effort in keeping stuff in one general thread anyways...

However, whats most sad about this is not so much the outcome, as much more the fact, that these fights are being fought in the first place =/
rainygami Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
yo no apoyo a que censuren a las ponys de esa forma
Mizulyn Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So wait, 4chan lets people post all kinds of nasty things in pretty much *everywhere*, but ponies are enough to get you banned...?

What is this I don't even
TRiGGER80 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, sounds pretty much like it xD

Post Gore, Pr0nz of whatever degree of disgustingness as much as you want but DARE you post a PONY!! xDD

I mean, sure, they wouldnt let you post either thing on /co/ anyways, because its an SFW board, but aside from that, i generally, i find this just as ridicolous as you...

however, its still better this way than being banned for posting Ponys... I for my part shy way from 4chan when it comes to anything Pony-Related =/

Kinda sad, though. Especially since /co/ is for COMICS AND CARTOONS...
Mizulyn Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used to lurk /co/ because I was aware that's where a Majority of the fanbase hangs out, but then I made my first post correctly but I was somehow "doing it wrong" because I wanted people to know it was my first post: just in case whatever I typed would pop up somewhere else by accident :shrug:

Since that welcome wagon could have used more welcome, I stopped lurking /co/ altogether (not that I ever used 4chan in the first place. I'm one of the few who found out about the show through Lauren faust having posted updates in her journals, not because it was a meme or anything)

I didn't know /co/ was a SFW board though. I've seen some effed up stuff posted in /co/ pony threads ^^;
TRiGGER80 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah yeah, one needs to get a hang on how the chan-boards work.. that can take a moment, lol.. for example, when you post, without being in a thread, it will create a new thread. And if youare in a thread and post, it will throw you out to the root of the board after posting (unless you type "noko" in the eMail field). And yeah well.. If you are not aware of these things, it can easily be very confusing and yield undesired results. Not your fault.

(by the way: i can imagine, that you are not the only one with that problem. You see, one thing being: Say, you are in the official Pony-Thread (<3 lol, i am a 31 yo male death metal fan, and i LOVE "Friendship Is Magic!" =D ), and you want to post something. Now, if you accidentally type the captcha wrong, it keeps your post in the field, like the clipboard or soemthing. So the natural reaction is: try again, type the Captchas again and hit "submit", so your post would be posted THIS time. THING BEING: when you typed the captcha wrong... it threw you OUT of the Pony-Thread, without noticing.. thus, when you post the second time.. you make a new Thread with your post xDDD If that happens to several people.. .that would explain, why some people on /co/ complained about "all the many Pony threads", even though the PonyFans tried to keep all PonyRelated material in one and the same MLP-General...)

Now... personally, i think 4chan is an interesting place to be, seeing as it is kinda the boiling point of about 548787987645454 million internet subcultures, haha..

But yeah, theres a lot of stuff going on, especially on /b/, that i dont really WANT to see...

And in general... now.. except for one or two boards, as soon as you have a different oppinion or anything like that... it can very easily turn nasty.

A lot of people on all these chan-boards tend to be very... "sensible" to critique, to put it politely (i didnt want to say "some get butthurt easily"...oops, now i did anyways... see how much i care... ¬_¬ <= See? Not so much xD), and some people there really tend to behave in immature ways (trolling, being insultive to people, posting inappropriate images in inappropriate threads and so forth and so on...)


Just for the records: When these people you mentioned posted the "inappropriate images", or "effed up stuff" as you say (i know PERFECTLY what you mean, because i have ben lurking there quite a while,and its disgusting...) However, when they DID that... like posting gore or ponyPronz or a combination of both... well, actually, thats against the rules of /co/. /co/ is a SAFE FOR WORK board, actually... So yeah, they broke the rules themselves as well...

(i think, in terms of rules, its "kind of" tolerated to post NotSafeForWork Images if you use a spoiler image. But in general, no pronz no gore on /co/... by the way: a simple way to find out which boards are Safe For Work and which arent is their background color: Blue Board = Safe For Work )or rather: SHOULD BE safe for work xD) and reddish/pink => Not Safe For Work).

however, i am very happy to see, that we have a friendly, tolerant and welcoming Pony-Fangroup here on deviantArt, and i hope, this will turn out to be fun!
Fei-Larco Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011
Wait so your on 4chan, 31, listen to metal, and still say " XD " , are still effected by gore/porn, are still somewhat naive to the fact that if its on 4chan it getting argued about, and yet you say you have been here for a long time?

TRiGGER80 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
First of all, you cannot "say" "XD". I would like to hear you pronounce that. After-all, its just another one of those ASCII-coded Emoticons.
Aside from that, i dont think it really matters what sort or kind of emoticons one does use or does not use. If thats what you are trying to get an impression of people, than thats actually not really a good way.
After all, you just used the icon of a "plz-account" in your post.

(For your information: that "XD" is actually something i picked up on deviantART, i dont even know about its origin or anything. Dont know why, dont care. Not gonna change that just because some people dont like it or because it is "generally frowned upon". Theres more important things than the emoticons someone uses.)

Second, I never said i was affected by gore or porn, neither in a positive nor in a negative way. Yes, usage of the term "disgusting" does imply a form of assessment or valuation, but i found it quite suitable here, in terms of the actual content in question being quite unsuitable for a "pony thread" on a cartoon/comic related imageboard, at least comparatively.

If gore affects me in any way, then it is mostly an annoyance, due to the fact that i have no interest in gore and its just another post i need to add to my filter or hide manually. What i actually find much more interesting, is the fact, that some people think, the usage and/or posting of gore or other imagery which is being considered as "extreme" or "offending" by most people would get them anywhere in an argument or discussion, or even for the sole pupose of "offending" people in the thread, because they dont like the topic of the thread. But yeah, the chans are the chans, and sometimes, there be trolls. Gotta live with that.

Third, i am very well aware, that basically any content being posted on 4chan, or any other -chan related imageboard is subject to argument, and partially its sole purpose is to CAUSE arguments. That just comes along with the nature of anonymity. Of course i dont need to mention that /b/ is a perfect example for that, though i tend to find some threads quite amusing, even on that level, but thats actually rare.
Its much more the fact, that pretty much any kind of cartoon can go its way and not be bothered on /co/, just not this one. Granted, it is natural, that (once again: due to the very nature and characteristics of the subject-matter in itself), this particular fandom would be the cause for quite some irritation, especially on 4chan, and maybe even trigger a variety of reactions in the "chan-dom", that was certainly to be expected, but the thing is, that the recent events on /b/, (The massive pony-based trolling, which had been going on through the past weeks, which is just what /b/ is doing now as a form of revenge on /co/ ), certainly made it a far bigger issue than it needs to be, EVEN for something among the lines of the -chan-based imageboards.
But yeah, "reason" has never been among the "virtues" of the -chan imageboards.
We will see how this resolves itself.

Other than that,

Have a nice day.
Fei-Larco Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
Yes you said as in typed " XD ", basic english skills would tell you that, use them. And yes the problem with it is that it makes you sound like a 12 year old girl and it doesn't help that you use the same typing style (emotes, phrases, etc.) but thats a-okay since you seem to respond like one. (e.i. the large reply)

Yes you said how you really dont wanna see whats on /b/.

The rest, tl;dr, you are obviously a tad bit butt-devastated.
Mizulyn Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my, that's a lot to absorb!

Though when I said I posted wrong, I think it was merely because it went down something like this:

Me: ... btw I'm a long-time lurker and this is my first post, so sorry if I'm somehow doing it wrong

Anon: *quotes me, specifically that part about mentioning that it's my first post* You're already doing it wrong. *hidden: Protip: Do not reply to this response

Me: *stares at the screen then runs away crying like Fluttershy*

Y-yeah... :iconotlplz:

Also, I don't really feel all that welcome on 4chan. I hate to pull out the gender card, but I feel like that even though the show is in fact made for girls, by girls, (regardless of whether or not both genders can enjoy it, and regardless of the genders of the animation staff/writers) I still feel isolated from the rest of the fandom because 4chan and MLP:FiM fans come off as: "BOYS ONLY, AND IF YOU'RE A GIRL: TITS OR GTFO"

I dunno why I feel that way though. Maybe it's the way that guys are acting; as if a show is only "good" if they're able to enjoy it, or how they feel the need to blurt out "I'm a __ year old male who-" as if having a penis makes their opinion more valid. Heck, even the term "Brony" makes me feel excluded as a female fan. (Then again, most girls are cool with being called "Bro", but maybe I was just never exposed to the term enough so I'm not even sure how to feel about it...) In short, the MLP: FIM fandom makes me feel like that it's a "boys only" club, even though I know that there are plenty of girls who like it as well.

It's a show that both sexes/genders can watch and enjoy together as fans of animation, plot and well-rounded characters; but the fandom (especially in 4chan's case) just doesn't come off as open-minded (or open-hearted) as the show does, and that makes me feel sad :(

Not to mention people breaking the rules on /co/ don't even seem to get punished for it...(except for people who post pictures of Ponies in non-pony threads will apparently get banned) it just makes me feel all the more uncomfortable. (adding to the fact that my opinions are probably the opposite of 90% of 4chan and it's just one big disaster)

Anyway, sorry about the bit of a rant, I've had a lot of this bottled up for a while because most FiM fans I know are either people who don't even lurk on /co/, or they're guys. So on one end I'd get an "I don't get it" response, and on the other end I'd get a a "HOW DARE YOU!!1!1! YOU JUST HAVE BUTTHURT!!1!" or...idk anymore :iconcryforeverplz:
TRiGGER80 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah yeah, what you describe seems like a very hostile reaction.
Its not very UNtypical for 4chan... Let me guess: Your post contained a pony-image...?

You see, especially due to recent events, some people tend to get offended, as you, of course, realized already. If you had not, you would neither write the things you wrote, nor even be here, commenting this journal in the first place.

And well... Not feeling welcome on 4chan... It has that effect. To me, too. i really, REALLY post very very rarely there. I just lurk sometimes... mostly /3/, /hr/, sometimes /wg/ and recently /co/, but not anymore.

4chan... its kind of the "gutter" of the internet, so to speak...Lots of different subcultures and all that accumulating there. Some being "okay" and all that, open for reason and stuff... and a lot of others are not. And of course, theres also hostile people there... Dare you even make one little mistake while posting and people will literally tear you apart. Quite frankly, while i do enjoy lurking on 4chan, i think theres much better places for discussing the show, and i mean for BOTH male and female Fans.

I think, a lot of the ´channers are just upset, because their board isnt as "underground" anymore as it used to be... And the popularity it gained through FiM is just another drop into that barrell... or another drop of fuel into the fire, more like.

And quite frankly: I actually DO think, a huge part of all this is the "gender-thing" as well. 4chan has always been more attractive to MALE audiences, yet alone for some of the boards not really having any rules as to what you post... besides CP, pretty much anything goes, and of course lots of "hawt gals" are being posted, sometimes just nude photography up to full-on porn. And i think, all this is a HUGE part in that... Yet alone the typical /b/-style reply "TITS OR GTFO" says A LOT about the nature of things. (yes, that reply was born on /b/, as far as i know.)

4chan can be pretty "Macho", so to speak.

And yeah, i can see, how you get that feeling, that the guys think the show was only good if THEY like it... I mean, its natural, that especially with FiM, the male and the female audience have different expectations and needs towards the show, and of course enjoy different part of it. Of course, if an episode features more of what we would like to see, we just like that episode better. And vice versa, i guess.

And well, the chan boards are mostly male, and add to that the more or less "unwelcoming" nature, as you describe it, and there ya have it.

Totally understanding you there.

Oh, and just so i can put this clear:

When i told you about my age and gender, i, by no means, meant to "blurt that out" nor did i want to imply, that my oppinion was "more valid" or "less valid" than yours...
I was kinda... well, rambling, in a way.. Because you have to admit: I
t IS kind of awkward that i like just this specific show so much, haha. I just figured, thats kind of funny, that FiM even attracts someone like me as a serious audience.

By no means did i want to say:

If you picked it up this way, or felt offended by this in any other way, then i apologize. That was neither intention nor purpose of me saying that. That was just a sidenote, kinda... I can honestly tell you, that i do not consider my oppinion, needs or views more nor less important than yours, and i also take everything you have said very serious. If i wouldnt, i would not take the time to write so much, i guess.

And should you have a different oppinion than me about something, then i dont really think it would be much of an issue, because different people are naturally entitled to have different oppinions. I mean... we certainly can discuss something we would have different oppinions about, but that wouldnt mean that we would disrespect each others standpoint.

So yeah. From MY side, you are very welcome, and i take serious what you say and respect your oppinion.

And i have the feeling, should i ever really think, that something you said was unsuitable (Not seeing that coming, though.), then i could politely tell you that and no harm would be done. And i want you to know, that it is the same vice-versa. should you feel uncomfortable with something i said or find it unsuitable, let me know. I wont feel offended =)

That being said, i agree with you, that FiM is DEFINITELY enjoyable, independent of the age or gender. Personally, i like how the characters play off each other and interact, the Animation (and thats a huge compliment, because i am not a huge fan of Flash for Cartoons...), the great voice-acting and.. well, the humor =) Also, the show just kind of... "helps" me taking a break and gives my mind time to calm down. But thats an entirely different subject.

Actually...i think, its really MOSTLY the -chan based fandom that gives you these hard feelings... Of course, that can carrie over into other fan-areas / forums / whatevers, as a lot of people frequent several- -but.. now, to sum that up: i get you.

I admittedly had to smirk a little when you wrote this:

In short, the MLP: FIM fandom makes me feel like that it's a "boys only" club, even though I know that there are plenty of girls who like it as well.

Thats actually EXACTLY how i myself and probably a lot of other make fans feel, just the other way around! After all, MLP is and has always been kind of "for girls", so a lot of the male fans might be a bit emberassed (and thereby insecure!) about the fact, that they are fans of a MLP-based show ! I know, it took me a LOT of courage to tell some of my closer friends, that i like FiM.

So yeah... i would wish, too, that people (in general, not just FiM-ers) were more open-minded and open-minded... but that extends WAY further than just in terms of fandoms.

And dont feel sorry about your "bit of a rant"... dont we all need to VENT sometimes...? Its good, that you talk about the things that bother you, and if that means a little bit of a rant to someone you just met, than thats fine. After all, you have neither been offensive nor insultive to anyone.

Dont worry about it, you´re welcome =)
Mizulyn Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow, that's one of the most intelligent and kind things I've ever read ; w ; I'll try and reply to everything, but knowing me I might forget a few things so please bare with me!

To answer the first question, the first and only 4chan post I made didn't even have an image. I can't even remember what I said though XD It's the strangest thing...I remember saying "this is my first post" but I can't remember all what I said before that xD

Also, I'm somewhat familiar with the history of 4chan, so everything that you said just now makes a lot of sense :) It sounds very much like the internet and even video games, accept...well...a concentrated amount of explicitness XD

As for why I like MLP? Honestly, it's for the same exact reasons that you listed as well! :D (I seriously wanted to jump out at the screen with an "OMG YES ME TOO!!" when I saw that comment about normally not liking flash animation!) And yes- the chemistry between the characters (Who're also well-developed; very very rare to see that in Girl's shows, let alone MLP) is very fun to watch! :nod:

...I think the only difference is that the "cuteness" factor is a plus for me XD (Seriously, all of the previous Generations of the franchise were just SO unappealing to me aesthetically, even as a child. I remember when I was little I had rather played with realistic horses, or cute, but un-official dollar store MLP knockoffs, 'cause they at least looked "cooler" to me)

Oh that's right! I forgot to tell you- when I mentioned the age/gender thing that MOST guys bring up- I wasn't trying to say that you were thinking that your opinions were better than mine OAO (Though, I did bring it up on the off-chance you did feel that way, but honestly it wasn't directed at you specifically! :forgiveme: )

It's just, when a bunch of guys ARE saying things like that, it really comes off that way...and it's a little scary!

It's kinda like on Hetalia's livejournal community, when the occasional guy posts cosplay pics and they essentially say "MALE COSPLAYERZ!!1!" (not in those exact words, but y'know XD) as if we're supposed to be more amazed/impressed with their work more than a girl's cosplay xD; (Though I will admit, it was nice to see men dressed as men for a change, instead of girls dressed as men...'cause I can't drool over girl pics even though they're dressed as my favorite characters ^^; )

Plus, as I said, it's just the whole general feel of "This show is superior because my male colleagues and I find it amazing!" instead of "This show is superior because it's well-written/great characters/animation/entertaining/done well overall!"

So it's like...the one time a show for girls is actually done well, and suddenly the guys wanna "swoop in and take it away from us", even if that's an irrational way to think since that's simply not true! We can all watch it together and have fun and talk about ponies and eat cupcakes ; u ;

But yeah, I understand the insecurity that some men must be feeling, (I've read all sorts of things about how harsh society is on guys just to be "manly") so of course they'd have the need to blurt out their age/gender on the internet :nod: Gotta be loud and proud somewhere! :heart:
TRiGGER80 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the kind words, once again =)

Hm, yeah..
Ive seen that in the past, actually.
NEVER write "Its my first post" in your first post...
It kind of... just doesnt work...

So its not an unusual reaction when it comes to 4chan.
Dont worry about it any longer.

And about 4chan being some form of concentrated expliciteness... Well... KINDa, i guess! And well... i guess, thats also what attracts many people, in one way or another.. some people just want to know what its about, i guess.

Hehe.. Flash-based animation is such a thing...
I mean, i loved Fosters and al lthat.. .but.. for some reason, the animation, while well done, just didnt seem so... "cartoony" to me. FiM is SO much more "natural"... and fluid... it seems more cartoony in general, as well as more expressive... while at the same time, they still manage to add some other stuff to it.
Like Foreground/Background Parallax, motionblur, sometimes even Depth Of Field... and sometimes even a bit of a 2.5d thing... (i am talking about the scene where ´dash is chasing through this arrangement of trees, in slalom, and you see it up front).
Its both technically and esthetically well done.

Also: Pretty colors!

And yeah, the characters are all very unique and have their very own personality, and i love how they tend to balance each other! Its, as you already said: Its FUN to watch.

And LOL!
I was thinking about the "cuteness-factor" (you wont believe the typo i made there... glad i noticed!) as well... yeah, i think, it does appeal more to girls than to men, but hey: Doesnt mean i wouldnt think the ponys are cute =) They are, and i am not ashamed to admit it xD But yeah, i guess, to guys, thats just not AS appealing and not AS important as it is to girls, maybe.

Heres another LOL for you:

Aside from the fact, that when i was a child (somewhen in the 80sm GOD i feel so old...), when the very first MLP was aired, i of course wasnt interested in it because it was so STRAIGHTLY target at GIRLS ONLY and almost ÜBERCUTE ("Wheee! My b*tth*le smellz like flowerz and it tastes like HONEY!" => "YAAAY! MAY I TRY??" LAWL! Kinda like that-- ya get what i mean).. well, it REALLY was just for "girls only", but aside from that... i already felled kind of repelled by it on an esthetical level as well. I just... didnt like the way they look? But yeah, that was not the main factor why i "despised" it. The old MLP was really NEVER appealing to "boys" and i never felt "drawn" to it at all. For me its really just FiM. But from browsing the net and seeing screenshots of the old MLP: The fact that i dont find the characters very appealing still didnt change. Theyre really... ugh, if i had been a gal in the eighties, i had gotten nightmares, probably !

Dont worry about that "gender" thing anymore, lol. I really just wanted to make sure, that you get me right =) No harm done at all =)

I can totally see, as you described about the Hetalia Community, how that might come off as "i are betta becuz male"... But maybe, they just are, as you mentioned, proud, and at the same time.. well, as you said, it is kind of "unusual", right? So maybe thats why they "shout" it out so loud as well. Because its "worth a mention" so to speak.

(sidenote, starting with a quote: it was nice to see men dressed as men for a change, instead of girls dressed as men...'cause I can't drool over girl pics AHA! So you admittedly drool over guys pics... TZ TZ TZ! How very naughty! *just kidding you here!*)

But yeah i get you... i sometimes, admittedly, have to kind of roll my eyes at the still persisting "Female-VideoGame-Nerd" / "Geek-Girl"-trends that have been going on for a while now. Not that i find it a bad thing in general, but with some people, you can literally FEEL that its just a fashion or a trend to them, which they follow...

Plus, as I said, it's just the whole general feel of "This show is superior because my male colleagues and I find it amazing!" instead of "This show is superior because it's well-written/great characters/animation/entertaining/done well overall

Now. I certainly do get that. I can certainly see how that might feel that way to you, and probably a lot of others. Personally, though, i like seeing it the other way around: "This show is so well-written/great characters/animation/entertaining/done well overall, that EVEN my male colleagues and me like it, even though it was originally intended for girls!". Thats kind of... my point of view, ya know? But i still can see how it might come across the other way. as well as i totally get the, admittedly irrational, feeling of "they are taking our show away". Yes, you are right when you say it might be irrational. It certainly is. Yet i can follow the line of thought / feeling behind it. I guess, guys now it, too, but maybe in different things... like girls playing <ENTER HIP AND BRUTAL VIDEOGAME NAME HERE> Or in sports (female soccer teams), or even in work-life. I think, its really on both sides, for different reasons and about different things. But none if that is actually like "wrong" or so.

And yeah, lots of pressure for "men to be "manly" " , kinda. I mean, its a complex subject, so it would be madness to discuss it in jsut this message, but i think that certainly plays a role here. On the other hand, well.. due to the insecurities and all.. maybe some men just "blurt it out", because they seek acknowledgement? For one, being accepted as a "real fan", and on the other hand: "Am i weird...?" . I am sure you get what i mean =)
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vp21ct Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011
This... this is inspiring.

MLP:FiM is so irrisistably friendly and pure that, rather than risk full conversion. /co/ has decided to just force them out.

I will interpret this as a win for the ponies.
BronyMuffin Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Not just /co/, but the entirety of 4chan fears the love and tolerance of ponies.
This is complete win.
vp21ct Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011
The Explosiveness of Memes + 4chan + Adorable pureness of Ponies = One of the most fearful forces the world has ever seen!
Tim-Kangaroo Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011
What I'd like to know is where all the comments from Fyre-Flye (posted on this group and elsewhere) are coming from. Are they on her journal, or some other forum?
Sins-n-Sweets Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Confound these ponies! They drive /co/ to ban!
Luigi00002 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011
Badgerhead Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011
I don't even go on 4chan, but was the whole pony thing really that serious that they needed to instigate such strict rules? It's kind of impressive in a way
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