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My Little Fandom: Trends are Magic!

Comepetitive Pegasi meet Belly Buttons by TraLaLayla
:pointr: Welcome to MyLittleB(elly)Buttons! :pointl:
Where magic comes from slightly above the waist! :dummy:

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Did you know that horses have belly buttons? Let's take a look at pony art about that.

Key Group Information :greetings:
:damphyr: Joining is auto-approved! Just click the Join our Group button found over in the left column!

:damphyr: All styles of visual artwork are accepted! SFW, NSFW, pony, anthro, human or otherwise!

:damphyr: Only Members may submit artwork! But as long as it's relevant, it matters not who made it!

:damphyr: Rule of thumb; always with a belly button! Lines and indents under clothing also count, as long as they are clearly visible!

:damphyr: Our group makes use of submission folders! Submit your artworks to our sorting folder, and the staff will take care of where it goes! Focus your time and energy on enjoying our content!

:damphyr: Speaking of folders, we use an intricate layer system, but don't feel overwhelmed! Every folder has a description inside of what belongs there! Our first layer folders are 'featured folders', and cover the Mane Six, other characters and a few additional themes - inside each one is a separation of safe and mature content split into pony, anthro and human artworks. Explore a bit and see how it works!

Participation :typerhappy:
:damphyr: Curious or fascinated by ponies with belly buttons? So are we! Watch the group for daily doses of them, and submit pony belly button artworks that you find or made yourself, as a Member!

:damphyr: Discover new artwork, meet new artists! We're an active group, constantly adding new artworks from artists both known and so-far undiscovered! Take advantage of our vast collections to expand your own, and meet new friends and artists in the process!

:damphyr: Participate in group contests & events! From group contests to blog entries promoting specific artwork & artists, there's always something interesting going on, just waiting for feedback!


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Chickens don't have belly buttons. by ThousandYearSunrise Chickens don't have belly buttons. :iconthousandyearsunrise:ThousandYearSunrise 33 31 Human Twilight Sparkle and her belly button by HFMR Human Twilight Sparkle and her belly button :iconhfmr:HFMR 62 18 Commission: Belly Buttons by ZuTheSkunk Commission: Belly Buttons :iconzutheskunk:ZuTheSkunk 991 117 Blitz and His Belly Ring by Mickeymonster Blitz and His Belly Ring :iconmickeymonster:Mickeymonster 200 87 Berry Button by NolyCS Berry Button :iconnolycs:NolyCS 183 28 Biped Pony Test No. 09 by adamlhumphreys Biped Pony Test No. 09 :iconadamlhumphreys:adamlhumphreys 138 159 Comepetitive Pegasi meet Belly Buttons by TraLaLayla Comepetitive Pegasi meet Belly Buttons :icontralalayla:TraLaLayla 156 30 Girls Are Made Of by biggerponiverse Girls Are Made Of :iconbiggerponiverse:biggerponiverse 73 14 belly button rings by Sandwich-Anomaly belly button rings :iconsandwich-anomaly:Sandwich-Anomaly 853 59 Big New by TunDeri Big New :icontunderi:TunDeri 136 33
Creating new art is as important as collecting pre-existing art!
Our collection of artworks created specifically for our group! :D
Draw artworks for our group, and have it displayed here, too! :+fav:



Forging relations with other entities in the name of spreading our trend and bridging gaps!

Belly buttons act as a broad foci umbrella, allowing our group to showcase oceans of MLP:FiM artwork. As such, we identify ourselves as both a pony fandom trend group and a general MLP:FiM artwork group. :D As long as your group is mostly relevant to or solely about MLP, feel free to send us an affiliate request!

:groups: ~Random Affiliates~ :groups:
For our complete affiliate list, check out our About Us tab!

Gallery Folders

Apple Buruma Project - CMC Halloween by Neko-me
Miss Pommel by LifeJoyArt
Rawr... by HeavyMetalBronyYeah
Sizzlin by GreenLinzerd
Sorting Folder - Post All Pony Belly Buttons Here
Crushable Content by Lattynskit
Valentine's Captive, NoxyDrip by Lattynskit
Windy Dripper (Progress Over Time) by Lattynskit
Derpy's unusual pet by HC0
Contest and Art Events
Coming in Hot by Punk-Pegasus
Spitfire by duop-qoub
Ready to Train, Newbie? by DangerCloseArt
Saucy, saucy Spitfire by JetWave
Rainbow Dash
P-Pet??? by CynicalSonata
Rainbow Dash in White by unousaya
dash by Ta-Na
RainbowDash - sexy girl 5, by sumin6301
Pinkie Pie
Mlp Fim Pinkie Pie (...) vector #9 by luckreza8
Candy Pls by FluffyXai
ATG Day 24 - Pi by thediscorded
Epic cake time by thediscorded
Twilight Sparkle
Twilicorn Dancer by BasilLoon
Two Twis Commission by mayorlight
You Got This! Twilight by TexasUberAlles
Collab-Made Her Mark by SourSpot
EQG Raripunk by TheAljavis
Rarity's Harem by LennonBlack
Rarity and mistletoe by SkorpionLetun
To the max by thediscorded
Butterfry Chilling by RainyVisualz
Flutter Leggings by GrapheneDraws
Flutters [preview] by Shad0w-Galaxy
K/DA Fluttershy / Kai'Sa [MLP x LoL] by Shad0w-Galaxy
ATG Day 11 - Quest for the holy grain by thediscorded
Working Days by SilentWulv
Apples by Bloodatius

Mature Content

Howdy Sugarcube by LaszlVFX
Mane Six with Each Other
[REQUEST] Mark of love by thediscorded
Mane Six with Other Characters
Crash by pzkratzer
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Scoot by zacorasfollower
Princesses and Royalty
Lunar Waterfall by DiscordTheGE
Antagonists and Reformed Villains
Cozy Glow Daki! by fearingFun
Secondary and Minor Characters
Indigo Zap and Lemon Zest belly rings by mayorlight
Background Characters
Vinyl [MLP] by Shad0w-Galaxy
OC Ponies and Non-Canon Ponies
Evening Flight [MLP] by Shad0w-Galaxy
OC Ponies with Canon Ponies
In The Skies [MLP] by Shad0w-Galaxy
Crossovers and Character Cosplay Art
The Gotham Dazzlings by Artemis-Polara
Hybrid Ponies and Alternate Species
Crystalline monster Rarity by 0Blackster

Random Belly Button Pony Favorite Artists!


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