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:unimpressed: There are friends who'd talk behind our backs, & sometimes we're not sure if it's something positive or negative about us. But a true friend will build you up even if you're not around, & even if they know all your ugliest traits, they won't dare to badmouth you to others; as far as I know, only enemies can afford to do that.. because they don't care about you at all. :shrug:

Quote source: FB =D
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I used a stamp template from this Flash Stamp Maker by ~MenInASuitcase. Anybody esp first timers can now make your own stamps using this! ;)
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DemonicFoxyXX's avatar
Daaaaaaaw luvs chu lil sis :heart: thankies -sends you bear hugs-
Mia-Rozzi's avatar
*roasts you hard*

JOK I luv u,daughter <333
Shawna1111's avatar
Shawna1111Hobbyist General Artist
Very true! <3
Wish-I-Was-Finnish's avatar
Wish-I-Was-FinnishHobbyist Traditional Artist
Though it's really hard to tell if it's said behind your back and you can't hear it.
xXAmberTheWolfXx's avatar
xXAmberTheWolfXxStudent Traditional Artist
I guess I don't have friends.
NictheWerecatqueen's avatar
NictheWerecatqueenHobbyist Writer
that would make me feel so good. :3
bubbIefish's avatar
bubbIefishStudent Artist
i love your stamps so much aa
they make me feel happy inside<33
pmykittykat's avatar
pmykittykatStudent Digital Artist
can i use?
mylastel's avatar
Of course, you can. :D Thank you!
pmykittykat's avatar
pmykittykatStudent Digital Artist
tnx :)
MadiKitten's avatar
That's awesome :D I need friends like that :L
Feliane's avatar
FelianeHobbyist Writer
Nice :D Used :D
Daisuke-Bread's avatar
Daisuke-BreadHobbyist Writer
i have a friend i've known since the 6th grade and i feel like we're slowly moving apart. o3o i know alot of other friends/people go through this stage too but she said that i was stupid (like not kidding) in front of myself.

not gonna lie i was about to cry but sucked it up...

and later in music class i said "You know i was really hurt when you said that"
and she said "well friends just do that."

and then she said "you are stupid. i've seen your grades"....she never has  
XXBetter-In-StereoXX's avatar
XXBetter-In-StereoXXHobbyist Digital Artist
Word of advice, REAL friends sweetie, they DON'T do that.

They are there for you, and if they think you aren't that smart then it's them who are really stupid.

And if she's never seen your grades then you should have said "You know what? You've never seen my grades, so how the hell can you even say I'm stupid? And if that's your opinion then mines is that your being terrible Friend."

Then see what she says then.
Daisuke-Bread's avatar
Daisuke-BreadHobbyist Writer
Lol >w> Ya, I got switched out of all of the classes I had with her so >w<
Cat3o4's avatar
Cat3o4Hobbyist General Artist
so, they say mean things infront of your back? sounds like my bestie. :meow:
Zelda679's avatar
Zelda679Hobbyist General Artist
Me and my twin sister.
Cat3o4's avatar
Cat3o4Hobbyist General Artist
oh... //pats your shoulder
Zelda679's avatar
Zelda679Hobbyist General Artist
We're really close. Good and bad are always upfront.
littleoceanbabe's avatar
littleoceanbabeHobbyist Writer
We say them to eachothers faces, in a joking way, of course! We always laugh about it! :3
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