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MOAR Night gimp Brushes


Please Fave :3

If you plan on using them.
You are not any long required to let me know if you use these.
It's appreciated however if you favorite them.
I made these so long ago, and they are not fully credited to me as explained below. I however broke no copyright laws as far as I know. However it's fine to use these wherever you please. (:
Just go ahead.

It was about two years ago when I. created these
I now realize that although not breaking any technical rules because I clearly stated I did not create these all, I didn't properly credit.

All images were either created by me, my friends or
from NASA.

[link] | [link]

If you find any images in my brushes that are copyrighted feel free to let me know and I will be sure to fix it.
If there is it was a mistake.:heart:


ALL of my textures can be found here: [link]

© Lindsey Michelle -MyLastBlkrose@Deviantart
All rights reserved unless used as stock, and following my rules.
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Wow!! You're amazing i love astronomy 😀😍
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Hey. I wohl usw this Pic someday for the Cover of my upcoming Book with philosophical Poems INSIDE. IS German . Thx
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For people who interest to use this brush but not sure about copyright or commercial use, it's better to go to NASA website and checking their Terms of Use or Image Licenses
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So may i use in image on site like game/database?
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harmony from space 
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"... from NASA." :D but still, they are awesome! I'd try to make some art out of these. :)
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used ^^  Sirena's Birthday by MinawaSeiko
i hope that not problem for you
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i am totally gonna add these pretty brushes in my comic
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Thank you for your stock! I used it here Link =)
Thank you very much XD
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Used here:…

Thank you so much for providing this!
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And here:…

Thank you so much for providing this!
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I'm sure gonna use these!
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Adding new brushes to my GIMP for my photo editing. Looking forward to testing these out, for sure! :)
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Aaw wonderful ! I'll make a good use of these brushes *o* Thanks a lot !
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Wow. It looks astonishing. O,o
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