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what's going on dA

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hey hey!
so I had a bad case of CTS in both wrists making me unable to draw/type/scratch butt for about one month - i'll write a journal on that soon.
i came back here to catch up with the work and you lovely doves and... whoa this site got weird.

not only the world is in a crazy state but also dA decided to make everything so not user friendly? i hope it's just my inner granny complaining.

i will answer all your notes and comments once i figure out how to. 
i hope you are all safe and washing your hands.

Nyxife, my asari maiden. 
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Super kolorystyka ♥ podoba mi się jak całość wygląda tak delikatnie i łagodnie

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meekzuHobbyist Writer

Hope you're doing better

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xCaeraxHobbyist Digital Artist

It is so good to see you back, although I am sorry to hear about your wrists! I hope they are feeling much better!

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myks0 Digital Artist

Thanks a lot ♥

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SelvarrHobbyist General Artist

Diese sanfte Farben <3

I enjoy her soft look and the overall pastel asthetic <3

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myks0 Digital Artist

Dankeschön! Glad you like it! ♥

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UnseemingStudent Traditional Artist

You are not alone in your sentiments. This new site has been pretty atrocious so far.

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LtBladewingHobbyist Digital Artist

Omg I hope you will be alright :( Take time to heal and also take time with familiarizing yourself with this... thing of a site :/

Anyway take care of yourself and hope to see you back! <3

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It's good to see you again, and with such a pretty drawing! I really like its delicate colors <3

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ThessianCGHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh I have to fav this by default. :giggle:

Yes DA is in kind of pickle right now. Hmm... it's monumental understatement. ;)

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The deviantART owners wanted this site to be similar to ArtStation, Twitter, and tumblr in many ways to appeal certain statistics groups, and Eclipse was the answer they wanted, even if the vast majority never liked the idea.

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MechaTravHobbyist Digital Artist

Welcome back! dA sucks more than ever now! Hope the wrists are okay!

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myks0 Digital Artist

Thank you very much, lovely plant! ♥

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AniledeProfessional Digital Artist

Yeahhh dA changed a lot :/ It takes time getting used to and by now I don't mind it so much, but there's a lot they need to fix still.

That aside, your asari is gorgeous!! I don't see a lot of asari OCs nowadays it feels like. Her dress is beautifully designed. :heart: Great work!!

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myks0 Digital Artist

thank you sweetness! i hope we will see many more of them once ME gets remake done :) if at all.

damn even those emotes are so old and ugly... I like that this new dA looks more modern, but man trying to figure out what's what in my inbox is like a puzzle.

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AniledeProfessional Digital Artist

You're welcome! ^^ I hope we get a remake of the trilogy though. That would be amazing. :heart: (I also apologize for the late reply, my inbox is chaos orz)

It's just too easy to lose track of things in the inbox nowadays :/

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Yeah , there was another massive petition that probably 85 % of users voted to keep the old deviantart Because the owners had announced a forced switch over to Eclipse , even with thousands of signed petitions signed , They didn't give a shit , and changed it anyway

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myks0 Digital Artist

is it all set and done now, no chance of getting the old site back?

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It doesn't seem like it , at least not anytime soon = /

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