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Dark Minimal Glass for windows 10

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Published: July 24, 2017
© 2017 - 2020 Mykou
* info update 27 july 2017 

You can check the AU version for startisback on my gallery 

* update 26 july 2017 ( download updated )

- fixed progressbar now looking as drive storage one for some third apps
- fixed color of DWM bottom active frame ( display dark now ) 

Hi all 

I wanted to finally share my first public theme under win 10 ( I usually make them for my personal use ) 

First of all , I wanted to thanks so much my friend gsw953onDA   so talented and well known themer who did all the startisback skinning part and stuff to make it available for startisback users under CU 

He accepted so kindly and his work is awesome , it was a really enjoying experience to work with such a great themer . 

Users running Creator update and Startisback++ you can grab the right version on gsw953 page here!…

This theme is both compatible under Anniversary and Creator update but with aeroglass 1.5.3 , Anniversary update users will get the most since it wasn't updated atm for Creator update builds.

atm this theme version here  ( see note about gsw953 )  is not intended to work under Anniversary with startisback ++ ( I may provide a dedicated version for Anniversary users when time ) but designed 
with classic shell menu.

The archive includes :

- Anniversary version
- Creator update version

Patch files according to your build so be careful and always create a full system backup ( not only a restore point ) with a bootable device.

I won't be responsible if you brick your system!

- for Anniversary users:…
- for Creator users ( 1703) : use only that !…

Here is a link to other stuff you need for my theme including:

 -tools ( moo0 transparent menu installer / win color to set the taskbar icons under AU with fine tune / OldnewExplorer to get rid of the native ribbon / Tbaricon blanker to make titlebar icons invisible but      modern apps ( thanks to Niivu for the tip ) AeroGUI tool provided too
- the modded branding file ( basebrd.dll to use( go here to see how to :… )
- the classic shell menu skin ( thanks to Juniper from Classic shell forums for helping me finalize it like I wanted to) 
- the qttabar skin…


- qttabbar users , the following is tricky to get the perfect tab transparency you have to set transparency using the native qttabbar feature .
This is the only way I found to have perfect transparent or glass tabs without any other tool on main explorer window so the famous blackglass enhanced is no more mandatory  :) unless you want to darken some specific exe - that way, it allows people under CU to make it work without aeroglass and also have transparent explorer ! 

I also think you should go through next windows major update " fall creator" ( in September 2017 )  which may break down all previous themes using my method ^^ 

- classic shell skin : better use the " classic 2 columns" style to get the angled cut feature or at least the "classic style" ( +++ not available for " windows 7 style " +++ ) 

- general transparency

AU won't have any issue with aeroglass (1.5 builds )  - CU users ,I don't recommend you using aeroglass too buggy with so please get as recommended by gsw953 blend tool here :…

I saw people using a workaround by using aeroglass 1.4 under CU , use at your own risk ! 

- You also need to get rid of the refresh & previous icons in adressbar with…

- to get the same navpane ( on the left ) as me , I recommend using… as the easiest way to get rid of one drive / homegroup / quick access icons if needed otherwise it's possible with some registry hacks I won't talk here . 

Other credits to

3am at WSB forums for his precious advices when I got stuck , Mr GRIM for his classes maps and his general work and help at a moment in this project .

I'm also conscious there will be some minor issues and I try to fix them when founded .

And thanks again to gsw953 !!

Thanks for watching and support !

Mykou aka Yoda San / Innuendo :)
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In the past (windows 7 laptop) I had to disable dark themes due to issues they caused. My current system is running win10 pro version 1803, does this theme still work with all the windows updates? A 1080ti is arriving next week, I assume that adding it it wont cause issues if the theme is already installed, but I can wait on the theme if it would be better. Either way looks amazing =D
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MykouHobbyist Interface Designer
You should be cautious cos this theme is only compatible under anniversary and ( creator update version see gsw953 gallery and link on description)

I kept running only anniversary update ( have no need to update ) so I don't really know how it goes with newest updates . 
The only advices to keep in mind : make a full backup system before any change and before applying new win updates, rollback to default theme to be able to boot! otherwise you may screw your system ... 
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I bought my PC used fall last year and I think it already had the fall creator update installed. And then I tend to try to keep my systems patched, except my Note7 because I like having 100% battery. Once my next 6tb comes in, I'll create a backup and try-sadly amazon was back ordered with prime shipping drives so free standard shipping it was. If this does not work with the latest version, do you have any theme recommendations-I know they probably won't have the glass part?
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i wish u can make a tutorial video how to install it
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got job man...very niceClap 
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Please update to windows 10 fall creators update rs3, thank you.
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poweredbyostxHobbyist Interface Designer
I fixed, just replace shell folder from another theme tat is made for Creators update
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poweredbyostxHobbyist Interface Designer
there is a bug in theme, I can't see folders on Creators update
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Bonjour Yoda, merci pour l'update ;)
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MykouHobbyist Interface Designer
De nada Jo :) 
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MykouHobbyist Interface Designer
Update tools archive: 

now includes a classic shell menu skin when using bright wallpapers ( "" ) 
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Whaou-ff !
Je viens de voir la vidéo descriptive de DMG et je félicite avec humilité mais chaleur le Grand Maître (et gsw953) pour le merveilleux travail accompli  +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav 
Je n'ai rien vu sur G+, mais c'est peut-être parce que je m'en sers mal ... Quant à mon PC, il devrait incessamment sous peu voir arriver sa nouvelle carte mère ... qui était en rupture ... J'aurai tout vu avec elle !
Quoi qu'il en soit, il sera fier d'accueillir Dark Minimal Glass et de garder la signature de son créateur en son hommage. J'espère que c'est pour bientôt, la patience a ses limites, même pour quelqu'un de persévérant.
Respect Yoda !
Bonne route et belle(s) journée(s) à toi  Handshake    CD 
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MykouHobbyist Interface Designer
yop , bon j'ai réessayé de te mess sur g+ mais apparemment tu ne reçois rien 
tanpix ! je jette l'éponge lol have a nice year :) 
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Moi aussi je tente de te toucher sur G+ sans succès. Je ne comprends pas ce qui se passe. Je n'ai pas envie de rompre le fil d'Ariane.
Je suis ton travail, le voit évoluer et le trouve ingénieux et de toute beauté.
L'idée d'une custo personnalisée est excellente ... et tentante ... à voir les modalités quand tu seras plus précis.
Un autre moyen pour communiquer ? Tu ne t'appelles pas Bob, on ne jette pas l'éponge ... je sais, elle est mauvaise, mais je pense que ce serait dommage.
Life's not nice, don't let it get worse ...
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MykouHobbyist Interface Designer
:) en fait y a marqué "accès limité" quand je te vois en contact , sur g+ ce qui empêche de t'ajouter dans u ncercle ( connaissances, amis etc ) et je pense que ça vient de là pour la possibilité de mp :) il te faudrait débloquer une option de g+ je pense ^^ 
je vais méditer sur une autre façon si tu n'y arrives pas 

cya :) 
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;) j'ai fait une modif, normalement tu es le seul à pouvoir me voir et me contacter si ça a marché
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MykouHobbyist Interface Designer
purée j'ai réussi à t'add dans mes connaissances et te mp , dis moi si ça a marché ^^ 
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MykouHobbyist Interface Designer
j'ai testé mais y a toujours marqué "accès limité" et tu peux me mp toi de ton côté ? 
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MykouHobbyist Interface Designer
mici :) je testerai ça , là je dois embaucher à mon new taf lol 
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j'espère que tout s'est bien passé pour ton new taf, en fait je sais que tout s'est bien passé ;)
c-cris's avatar
Je laisse des mp qui ne semblent pas arriver à toi
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MykouHobbyist Interface Designer
c'est trop bizarre lol , je vais finir par croire que tu bosses à la NSA :p 
keep trying lol 
( pour le taf oui c'est cool je t'en dirai plus si on y arrive en pv eerff ) 
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le vois évoluer
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MykouHobbyist Interface Designer
hmm essaies sur ma chaine YT dans " A propos" , reste plus que l'email :) ( pour infos commerciales ils mettent lol ) 
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