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The Anthromancer

By MykeGreywolf
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I was invited to contribute to the fan-created MLP card game Discord's Friendzy, and chose to do the art for the Lyra Heartstrings card! Here you can see her indulging in her (mostly) harmless main hobby, using some mysterious tome to practice the ancient forgotten art of anthromancy! Also seen is her *ahem* best friend Sweetie Drops peeking in after hearing the typical unholy summoning noises coming from the bedroom, and thinking to herself, "not this shit again". Just another typical day in the life of these bestest of friends, I suppose.

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wilnet1tractor's avatar
Uh oh, I wander what Bon Bons going to do 
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elr79655's avatar
How is Bon Bon going to stop Lyra this time?  A simple backhoof to the head?  Or is this the part she runs for her life?
elr79655's avatar
I meant to say "the part where she runs for her life."
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For a second I thought the book was the Journal from Gravity Falls, until I saw the 4. Even thou it DOSE have 6 fingers on the book. xD Nice work!
MykeGreywolf's avatar
Well, it is a Gravity Falls reference, but I don't wish for people to read all that much into it. ;)

Thank you for enjoying this!
Stacia033's avatar
You're welcome! It is really good thou! 
Kyoshyu's avatar
MykeGreywolf's avatar
That's a natural reaction to this scene. ;)
POLE7645's avatar
Lyra: From this moment on, I pledge my loyalty to Manos!

Bon Bon, will you be my Torgo? Please?
MykeGreywolf's avatar
I blame MST3K for allowing me to get that reference!
jacamontronic's avatar
she found the page about the Hand-witch.

and I didn't know he already made the fourth book! damn, Ford works fast!
MykeGreywolf's avatar
Time flows differently for those who have seen... things. ;)
pegazus14's avatar
I would just love the same picture, but with hands instead of hooves. Like she actually made the transformation. That would rock!! (and paper and scissors.)
MykeGreywolf's avatar
It would also be kind of creepy. Not in a totally bad way, though. ;)
CCF100's avatar
Uh oh, Lyra, what have you done?
MykeGreywolf's avatar
BlackSunEclipsed's avatar
....HANDS! I WISH TO SUMMON HANDS! ...also, those two are totally way more than friends! We all know it! :P
MykeGreywolf's avatar
Hands would sure come in handy! ;)
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