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Rising Arizona

How appropriate, you fight lik-... oh.

Arizona is owned by Mane6 ( and was designed by fyre-flye.
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Welp. Them's fighting... herds, I guess.

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Love the Monkey Island reference. XD

(Oh, this pics been around for almost 5 years. Lol)

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Well, Monkey Island has been around for 30 years, so there's proof that some things never get old. ;)

Thank you for enjoying this!

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Looks like Arizona killed Applejack.
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I guess the world will never know about this AU. =P
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Try this. How appropriate, since I"m fighting a cow.
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You're free to say whatever you want until you get one of your lungs punctured by a horn!
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I'm picturing how that translates to human circumstances.

"You fight like someone who squeezes milk from my tits on a daily basis"

Is it like Lily licker, where the implication is you're being dominated into doing that?
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That is quite a kinky hypothesis you're putting on the table. I just wanted to make a famous gaming quote sound ironic. ;)
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ah yes, the not-Applejack from the no-longer-copyright-breaking fighting game =P
great work on the expression :D
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I actually have some anthro version sketches of these characters done, I must color and post them here some day.

Thank you for enjoying this!
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yes, you definitely should put more of them here :D 
love her expression
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She means business, particularly with the business end of her horns!
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Velvet:*Rolls eyes* "So we're going to go with tired references to old video games then?" *Sighs and shakes head* "Very well then." *Buries Arizona under a shower of ice shards* "You fight like the dimwitted bovine you are."
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That seems plausible! ;)
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hehe  awesome!! I think I'll tip some bits their way some time this week.  Really do love the characters, and I remember the game and some of the developments that happened with it all since Bronycon 2012!  Cool art, love her expression, so fierce!! :D
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Stand by, you'll certainly be seeing more of these characters from me. ;)

Thank you for enjoying this!
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... Why do I think of aliens from SP: TSOT?
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Why do I think of South Parks Pilot?;)
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