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Patreon Choice: Late Snack

A project suggested by one of my patreons, featuring the royal sisters of Equestria indulging on a little late night snack. Of course, one of them seems to be a little more indulgent than the other...

Want to have a tell in what I'll be working on next, as well as suggesting illustration projects for me to pick up? Then perhaps you could becoming my patron at Patreon! See the details here:
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Hungry as a, well, you know where I'm going with this.=P (Razz) 
RegularMousePony89's avatar
But regardless, this is just astonish, your artworks are just impressive. ^^
MykeGreywolf's avatar

Thank you. ;)
RegularMousePony89's avatar
You mean my avatar? Oh thank you so much, Myke, it really means a lot you saying this. :blushes:

You're welcome, and thank you once again, it's really a pleasure meeting you. :hug:
RegularMousePony89's avatar
Tia, watch out! Don't eat too much, trust me, you wouldn't like ending with fat diseases, would you?
MykeGreywolf's avatar
She's a goddess, she can just magic all the fat away! ;)
RegularMousePony89's avatar
Magic in Equestria is as versatile as it is overpowered. XD
enrien's avatar
That moment you notice Celestia will became a seal? That one XD
MykeGreywolf's avatar
Or maybe an orca, as I foresaw several years ago... ;)

Princess Celestia as an Orca by MykeGreywolf
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Be free Celestia! You reach your freedom!
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Luna: That's what you call a light snack?
Celestia: Hmm-mmm
L: Ain't you afraid to have nightmares with all this stuffing?
C: No. *slurp*
L: Huh?
C: I have a sister to take care of them.
L: What?
C: Mmm. You should try this one.
L: I see. So, what if I decided to.. I don't know... to take the night off... tonight?
C: Urp?
L: Wouldn't that put you in a pinch?
C: T-tonight?
L: Yes. And I think I'll take my leave now. Good night sister. Have sweeeet dreams. *grin*
C: .... Check, please!

Wonderful work
MykeGreywolf's avatar
The only nightmare Celestia ever has is Luna. Literally. ;)
cajobif's avatar
If you talk about who will make her the best pranks, yep. I agree.
KillerTeddyBear94's avatar
they're really enjoying themselves, aren't they? :D
MykeGreywolf's avatar
That's the whole idea, yes. :)
Adalbertus's avatar
Luna's position and her face look... weird. Her front legs are bent pretty un-pony-like and her lower jaw seems to be wider than her upper jaw <_<
xxxMakixxx's avatar
Well, her front legs are bent a bit more human-like, but it is fine, as their proportions are correct, and are more or less the same as the artist uses in his gallery (for example:…). Although Luna's composition is a bit human-like, it is ok this way as it looks more "natural".
What is a bit missplaced is luna's horn, it should have been like Celestia's.
Colors and shadows are great, especially the used in Celestia's hair and their crowns and hooves. 
Adalbertus's avatar
my problem is more with the fact that on the same picture you have a pony with front legs bent like a pony's legs should (Celestia) and a pony with front legs bent like a human would, which is the other way around. 
xxxMakixxx's avatar
Yes, it is true what you say, but it is a bit like "Deus ex machina". This is one of the advantages of drawing cartoons, you can do stuff like this. For example without  a "human like front legs Octavia would't be able to play the violonchelo:….
Adalbertus's avatar
yeah, but with the simplistic, cartoony style of the show it's not really an issue, with Myke here and his very detailed and otherwise anatomically correct style it stands out pretty badly. 
MykeGreywolf's avatar
I may have committed a couple of mistakes with Luna's visage, yes. I disagree with the remarks regarding her position, though. It's pretty par for the course for a cartoon pony. The show takes way more liberties than this.
Adalbertus's avatar
well... maybe, I guess we have a bit different standards for ponies =P 
SwanLullaby's avatar
Nice and sweet scene!!! :)
MykeGreywolf's avatar
It's nice to lay back once in a while, and the same goes for the artist. ;)
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