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Once Bitten, Twice Shy

A request from my friend :iconi-liek-bad-fanart:. One could easily think that there is literally more than meets the eye in a pony that possesses a power such as "the stare".

Regardless, it's just a fun thing to imagine. Fluttershy doesn't seem too comfortable on her role, but as her entourage proves, there is just no trusting the scorpion while crossing the river.
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Myotismon reference nice
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I'm sure it was not intentional. ;)
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You see it though don't you
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Instant watch. Too awesome :0
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Thank you very much for deeming my work worthy of following, I hope not to disappoint you. :)
If no one used this art on, I would like to ask for perission touse it on the one I am writting.

In short, Fluttershy is a pureblood vampony whose parrents were killed by monster hunters in cloudstalde (her parrents were to peaceful and kind and tried not to kill the assiliants, and because of that they lost their lives).

Fluttershy, now forced to live in Ponyville with Dash supporting her. Her kindness is her strength (it let her make many friends) but also her weakness (she is to merciful to those who wish her harm).
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I'm not sure whether someone used it or not, but you have my permission to use it, as long as you credit Myke Greywolf and link back to this page.

Thank you for your preference. :)
I revised the story where I used your art on.

Here is link to the improved version:…
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Thank you for the heads up! :)
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Woah!!! Looks amazing!!! Love it!!! :wow: :wow: :wow:
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Gotta love that Flutteratu. ;)

Thank you!
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She looks positively adorable.
What is a 'Mare'? A miserable little pile of friendship!!! But enough talk! Have at you!
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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night!
Check it out!
She already had her personal army, but now this is on a far higher level.

She does not seems happy from being Vampony or Flutterbat though.
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*Reads a fanfic where Luna uses her horn to open a special door, sees Celestia do the same thing a few months later* ...
*Writes a fanfic about mirrors that open up into other dimensions, there's a whole movie about it a few YEARS later* ...
*Sees this image, looks at the date* That's it, I'm done here.
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Look at the date of this one and tremble:…
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Marvelous type of blood! ;3
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Why am I think Hasbro got the idea from you?? ;D
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To bad theres now Pracula for her ( Pony + Dracula  ). And did anybody wonder how she even became a bat.
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I think most ppl. were either going "da fuq" over the shows random tangents and/or squeeing over cute to think that far ahead.  X-0
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Yeah and sometime the shows transformation Gig doesnt really make sense.
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