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A request from Somepony, who asked for a Twidash shippy piece. ;)
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I love it! Although it is amazing, I have to give it a 4 star for originality. It's just twidash (twilight + rainbowdash) isn't one of my favorite's for pony shipping. If it were me, I would've done flashlight (flash century + twilight), or flutterdash (fluttershy + rainbowdash). I know you want to please your watchers (since someone requsted this), I would feel the same way. But twidash is just not right,
because rainbow thinks twi, is an egghead. And twili, ever since she's become an alicorn in season 4, she isn't able to fly, threfore twili and rainbow are complete opposites, I just don't get it. Also idk what impact for drawings are so I'm just gonna do 3 stars (not to b rude)