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Commission: The Music Makers

A cel-shaded commission for Infrasonicman, featuring Octavia Melody and his unicorn pony OC, Benevelle. Thank you so much for your support and preference!
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I think Octy's neck is a tiny bit too short. 
MykeGreywolf's avatar
She's just hunched. ;)
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Hunched? Like Quasimodo, you mean?

Ah well. I still love her the same. :-)
Adalbertus's avatar
if you say so =P 
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oh wow when i saw the sketch, i didn't know you were gonna totally rock the colouring on it! this is awesome. (btw its ponystylepro from picarto)
MykeGreywolf's avatar
I'm glad to have surprised you, I hope to be able to see you around once more, soon! :)

Thank you for enjoying this!
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And we are the dreamers of dreams..
MykeGreywolf's avatar
I didn't get the reference at first, but it was nothing that Google couldn't help me with. Thank you. ;)
SalamiShowdown's avatar
haha it was a vague reference but I couldnt resist :)
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Awesome job on the shading! Also love the perspective.
MykeGreywolf's avatar
Thank you, buddy. I'll try to do even better next time!
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Looks good, wonder how the music will turn out
MykeGreywolf's avatar
Probably something like this:…

Okay, maybe not. ;)
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I feel you came up with pretty much the perfect expressions for this;
I can just imagine Ellie being overly nervous and staying up all night worrying about getting the right songs; luckily it's clear Octavia knows her stuff in this area and is there to help =p

Thanks for doing this artwork, including the effort of adding the more dramatic lighting, it really adds interest
MykeGreywolf's avatar
I'm just glad that you were satisfied  with it, it was pretty great to work on this! Thank you for your preference and support. :)
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