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May 12, 2010
Travel through the blurred lines of past and future and savour the grand apocalyptic tenor via Desert Sands, a remarkably transporting piece by *mykeamend.
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Desert Sands

36x24 painted in acrylic on wood panel.

A desert landscape with slight nods to many of my favorite painters and other artists (Breughel, Escher, Dali, Riggs, Beksinski, Dore, Whelan and others). Many, many hidden details in this piece - enough that one could find new things for a very long time.

I am nearing completion of my airships and tentacles series - which began with a painting I did for Robert Brown of Abney Park, continued with a piece for Vernian Process, among several other commissions, and will end with a piece for a very OMG author.

Metallics and limited edition giclees are available at
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First of all I love the image, gorgeous painting!
Second of all I have a steampunk blog on Tumblr where I am beginning to write my own steampunk novel and was wondering if I could upload your image. I would of course include the link to your picture in the description and not take any credit for it.
Many thanks

I see the Dore aspect amongst the others.  Wonderful.  Wow!  Dali always gives me a true perception of distance, both in mind and physicality.  I aspire to be able to give a true picture of whats in the mind/
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Well done! APart from the zeppelin, it is a subtle work, with hidden hints that maybe the current location is not good for landing. ;)
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That's pretty sick bro
I'm speechless!
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I love it! Amazing work! Great! Good continuation! :)
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That statue in the background reminds me vaguely of Zeo Zord 3.
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This is so cool, and I love how you melded all of those artists' styles with steampunk and Lovecraftian themes :clap:
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Love this painting! Can you tell me, if you used a retarder for the smooth surfaces, oder did you just use a big canvas?
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The painting is 36x24 on birch panel. I don't use retarders, but I do work wet on wet and work quickly/rabidly to keep the paint moving until I am satisfied.

Once I am done with all of the big areas, it is just layers and layers of paint.

The thing about acrylic: First layer looks like crap... like blotchy tempera. The second layer looks much better, but still like a 3rd grade painting. The third payer, more like a painting, but rather unrefined...

I keep going until some areas have at least 30 micro-thin layers of paint - which smooths gradients, solidifies colors, brings out details, and eventually looks more like an oil painting.

I start off with thick paint and little water, but for most of the painting process, I am using a good amount of water with every brush and painting in really thin layers. Each layer dries a split second later, so I can keep brushing over and over until it is just right,
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Thank you for the detailed answer!
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Wow! Thats amazing!I wish I could draw like that!
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Amazing Composition!. Insane Detail. I find something new whenever I look at it
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looks like whoever lived in that area has long since died off. now the sands are swallowing up whats left o.o

seems as though that ship is more like a city or something than what i thought was a cruise ship of some sort.
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That is cool! Airships are cool! This is a cool airship!!!
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This is really beautiful. You have an eye for details. :+fav:
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Wow... I love it. The Egyptian-style statue is a great touch. I hope to be able to draw like this someday.
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:wave: Hi there, this wonderful artwork is featured in my journal here [link] :heart:

If you rather not be featured please let me know, thank you :D
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I love it!!!!! great artwork
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