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Med Vintage Skies Textures



There are many reasons why I love to look at vintage photos, and one of them is that I’m just so intrigued by the flaws many of them have. Scratches and tears here and there, fingerprints, lighting and film anomalies… I love them. And, like many others, I like to use these elements in the things I make.

I’ve made these 89 textures out of sections of sky. When the subject of the photos these are from is a car, a detailed brick building, or a group of girls at the beach, the sky is usually the largest area of solid space—complete with all those beautiful flaws :)

Since there are so many I separated them by size. They're all different, so if you want them all, you'll need to download all three sets :) Here's the medium set, 28 jpgs under 1000px in height or width. Hope you dig :)

Created September 11 2008

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