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Sin's and Virtue's
I do not resent my sin's. My sin's make me determined, be it determined or whatever. More so, my sin's are who I am. I'm lustrous, prideful, envious, at times even wrathful, a glutton, a sloth and greedy. These are all apart of us, to deny them is to deny our very existence. I respect them, that respect ensures they don't rule my life. It's not our sin's we should be judged, it's our virtues and where they come from that count. Virtues arising to make up for sins are great, so are genuine virtues. Though when one uses a virtue to raise themselves up, put someone/thing down, or out of some misguided notion about the rights of others or due to pity, then you deserve to go to a very dark and special hell. A hell of your own design. Everyone deserves to be treated human, to be cherished, respected and honored for their strengths, weaknesses, sins, virtues, and beliefs, even if they go against who or what you are. That doesn't mean you can't hate, just hate with the respect and honor due to
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 3 0
Fear the Dark
Whom ever claims they don't fear the dark is fooling themselves. In the dark is all that we should ever fear.
Demons dwell there, living shadows that mock our very existence.
Beasts of sins and crimes devoid of humanity hunt and pray on the virtues of our soul.
Whispers of the world, whispers not meant for a sane ear, they echo off the dark and down the corridors of the mind.
Then there's the maddening silence, the reflecting nothing that deafens every fiber of our wills.
You sit alone long  enough in the dark, the worst will come.
For in the dark, we face ourselves. An in the end, even the most vitreous of us has their demons they don't wish to face.
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 1 0
Death and the Magician
Magicians, true magicians, have a sight beyond sight. With the flow of magic so intensely woven around our souls, we can see the flowing, cascading magical energies of the world. With this sight, we can spot creatures of magical essence, the types of beings the normal populace could never see.  That’s not to mean we can always see them, they have the ability to actively cloak themselves from us, though only a truly powerful being can obfuscate from us permanently.
That’s why I was surprised to see him  when I arrived at the tavern. There, sitting alone near the door, was a heavily cloaked figure. It’s thin, clothed hands calmly rest on the table and the cowl of his multilayered cloak was pulled so low one had no chance of seeing his face. Not that one would want to see that. Resting across the table was a long, plain obsidian staff.
The wait staff rushed around it, like they were completely oblivious to the figures presence, which I’m sure they were. I
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 1 0
White-out at the Shelter
The lights of the shelter were all off, the children were long tucked away into their bunks and the adults had recently decided to call it a night. There was little sound in the shelter, but the hum of the heating system and the beeps of the computers doing their daily scans and setting up it’s maintenance for the follow day. And of course, you could hear the sound of the chilly wind blowing across the windows.
That’s were Henry could be found, staring out of those half-chilled windows at the seemingly endless snow field that extended in all directions around the shelter. Sipping some Cognac, his mind lost in thought over what has become of their new home, ‘or prison as it’s become’ he thought to himself.
Henry had been one of the first to come to this new world. Arriving in his early to mid thirties, he was ready to set up the different shelter centers. These shelters were never meant to be permanent, they were the central planning blocks of what would be
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Loadbot 1173
Loadbot 1173 only arrived at the Earth Intergalactic Space Dock 3 early this morning. After spending the morning going through check ups, updates, station specific programs and installation of facility standard personality. Though just before he was given his first mission, an alarm went off and the tech was pulled away before he could finish anything else. Though, as the tech went rushing out of the room he managed to knock the release control on the floor and set 1173 free.
As 1173 was released, his Loader programming kicked in and he decided to go out to find work. Without any set goals for the day, the basic search and process routines decided to kick in and he immediately went out into the under workings of the docks to find unattended packages. It seemed to hard to come across any packages that weren’t being processed by other Loader Bots, until a package seemed to fall from above and land at his feet.
**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
Security had
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 1 0
Get your Religion out of my Politics
Get your Religion out of my Politics
By: Jonathon W. Dell
Composition Two
Thesis Paper
This paper is about our basic civil rights in America, and how they are threatened by religious propaganda hidden behind political words. Saying ‘but the bible says…’ is never an argument for why a law should go into effect. Religion has no place in politics, because a politician is supposed to take the interests of all into consideration, not just those of the cloth. There are restrictions in all are worldly religions, and our country has done great thus far in not forcing those restrictions upon the entire populace.

Table Of
Freedom of Choice
Religion and Gay Rights
Birth Control and Reproduction Rights
Gay Rights
Freedom of Choice and the Constitution\
But the Bible says…
Religious States Vs. USA
Reproductive Rights
Woman’s Choice
Condom’s Vs. Birth Control
Patient Bill of Rights
Rights to Health Care
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 1 2
Douglas's Last Mission
"Sir, we have touch down in t-minus 15 minutes." The pilot said over the comm system.
Douglas glanced out the window of the small jump shuttle as it finished it’s push through the planets atmosphere. He couldn't help but think that this would be his last mission, he was getting to old to actively take part in these missions. Nearly his early 40’s, his age was finally catching up to him. He was nearly bald, what was left was graying, and it was becoming harder and harder to stay in shape, evident by the budding gut he was hiding behind his defense armor.
As he turned his attention to his team for this mission, he couldn't help but be reminded of the cybernetic or metabolic treatments that he could go through to bring him back to prime shape. There was twitch, she had her eyes replaced and treatments done to her arms to give her a better edge in sniping. Grunt had gone through so much gene and metabolic therapy that he had literally became a mountain of a man, complete with h
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 1 0
I am Made of Star Stuff
I am made of star stuff,
Incubated in the dark between,
Birthed in cold November.
Raised on cosmic lies,
   Ignored by the world,
Betrayed by the galactic design,
                      (I make my own fate)
Late in the dark that tricked me in my youth,
I can feel its tendrils pierce my brain,
    You're trying again?
                When will you learn...
I will not bow down,
Will not bend knee to thee,
I'm not some soul to just roll over,
     I'm not so weak to give into the dark.
I am better then you,
Even through the pain I will walk tall,
This universe has tried time and again,
                  Can't kill me.
I am made of the stars,
I am bigger then you,
               Than life.
        (I will continue to make my
        own fat
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 1 3
DRACO Antiviral
For ages, bacterial infections had been devastating the human population and proved to be one of the most deadly aspects of health care. This was until 1928 when Alexander Fleming gave us Penicillin, and thus a cure for most bacterial infections. To this day we use different Anti-bacterial medicines constructed from either penicillin itself or our understanding of how the mold based antibiotic works to destroy bacteria. While it was a great victory, it still held no answers to viral infections.
Viral infections still devastate us, from the everyday common cold to more dangerous things like Ebola and HIV. To date we have three, very imperfect, ways to treat such viral infections. Specific Inhibitors are designed to inhibit the spread of the virus, though it has to be carefully targeted to specific Viruses and do little to nothing against mutated viruses. Vaccines work great by assisting the body in developing a antigen against specific viruses, once again mutation can severely limit the
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 1 0
Making the Contract
There are many different definitions of a Hero. A man that stands above all else for what is just, a normal person whose put in an extraordinary position and does something extra-ordinary, an example of that which is virtuous. Many different meanings, though I feel they are all lacking something. There is always a drawback, something negative about their personality. Blind faith, an un-healthy love or devotion, arrogance, or even anti-hero's that are cold, heartless, or distant.
All kinds make up hero's, and I often think that it's the situation that they are put in that truly determines if we were to call them hero or not. Some are just, seeking out ne'er-do-well's and putting an end to their wickedness. Though I say there are the flip of the coins as well, those who kill or hunt down criminals because it seems an exceptionable activity that leads to them being able to hurt or torture another living person.
A man who guns down a mad man in a crowded street is a hero, even if he did it
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 3 0
Risks of Teratogens
During gestation, the fetus is under constant risk from external sources. Many different things can effect the fetus's development, caused by any number of teratogen (any disease, drug or even environmental agent that can effect fetal development). These can be things that we willingly ingest, or even more frighteningly they can be caused by things we unknowingly take into our bodies. These teratogen's effect the fetus the worst during critical development periods, when the fetus goes through rapid growth to develop a variety of organ systems.
While the likelihood of these teratogens effecting the fetus depends on timing, there are other factors to consider. Having a small amount of a harmful teratogen entering your body once during pregnancy may be unlikely to harm the fetus, the more you do it and the stronger the given dosage or exposure is raises this risk. Then there's also yours and the developing fetus's genetic make-up. Every person's genetic make-up, while similar, is still di
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 1 2
The Magi - Notes and Information
What are the Magi?
At age 12 a select few in the world awaken to the powers of an element, these are the Magi. While weak at first, they gain powers through combat and age. The most notable boost in power is between the ages of 12-16, where they fully come into their powers. Over that four year time, they awaken to the different magical powers that they are able to use, as granted to them by their respective element.
In order to fight the Fiends, Demons, Witches and Dark Magi that populate the world, the Magi unlock the powers in them. While they keep their powers unlocked, they slowly drain power from their selves. While their powers are unlocked, any physical deformity or illness is removed and allows one to perform their appointed task with minimal risk to their normal bodies. However, if they remain in these forms to long, they risk entering into a coma from lack of energy... they could even die from it.
It has happened that some as young as 8 have awakened as Magi, and some as old
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 1 0
Ocean based world idea
Instead of space, there is a vast ocean that covers the entire Universe. At the center of the universe is a source that is churning all the ocean outwards from a central source. As one were to travel forth through the vast ocean, one would come across different Galaxies. Each of these galaxies has a large central force, much like the center of the universe, that is pulling everything into itself very slowly. When it eats up everything, it burst forth with energy and starts the creation of a new galaxy. Inside the galaxy are billions of separate aqua systems, all spinning a large orb that provides the light for that given system and which all the land masses circle.
Between each of the island/land masses are oceans much like our own, between the different aqua system is a seemingly endlessly deep and still ocean. Between each of the Galaxies is a turbulent, seemingly endless and dark ocean that is dotted with lights along all the horizon. Great, enormous and dangerous sea beasts live an
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 1 0
Comp II Thesis Statement
Every religion, from Christianity, to Judaism, to Hinduism has limiting beliefs that can effect the judgment of a political official, and our ability to be a free people. While I'm not saying a good politician must be un-religious, simply that they need to form decisions separate from those religious belief. The focus of our nation is about the right of free choice, to decide for ourselves whether we can enter a same sex marriage, use birth control, or even have an abortion.
Jonathon W. Dell
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 1 0
Human Development Assignment one
Developmental Psychology and Developmental Science focus on multiple different, yet similar focuses of study. While the key area's of study for these two paths are, for the most part, the same they approach these area's in different ways. Even with the different approaches and the different goals, they both wish to better understand how we progress through life.
To better understand this, we need to better understand how they view development. They think of Development in three different area's of focus. Their is the Physical, Cognitive and Psychosocial area's of study when it comes to the our broad understanding of Development. While these area's of knowledge are still broad (though not as broad as development in general), they can be broken down to age ranges. The Physical Development of a adolescent is quite different then the physical development of the same person in their middle ages.
Physical development takes a look at how are bodies grow and develop over the changes times. How
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 1 0
The Magician and the Succubus
The creatures hooves click on the floor as she pushes the door open into the central room of the shack. Her tail flicked back and fourth, her body scarcely covered by the fine garment she was waring, which was more akin to nightwear then regular clothes. She shivered slightly, the air of our world to cold for her delicate skin. Magicians don't really know what their doing, especially humans, and this one seemed to be as scatter brained as any of them.
"Excuse me?"
"Shhh, I'm busy. This is delicate work you know." A young man, maybe in his late twenties, was sprawled across the floor. Candles and chalk were laid out all around him. His face was as close to the ground as he could get, while still being able to see what he was writing. The large glasses he ware dominated most of his face, and his hair was fairly long and unkept.
"What are you doing?"
"Isn't it obvious, I forgot to finish this containment circle and I'm trying to summon a demon from Hell. I had almost gotten done with the
:iconmyillusionaryreality:MyIllusionaryReality 2 1


Quinn Saige Dell
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I have many passions in my life. I have a passion for the care of others, the care of animals, writing and reading. I have a strong interest in the Arts, though more as an observer than a participant. I am Gender-fluid & Pansexual.

I am a life-time caregiver, currently working as a Personal Care Assistant and Certified Nursing Assistant / Home Health Aid. I recently finished school and begun working as a Medical Assistant. I plan to continue on my medical training to obtain my Bachelors Science in Nursing (BSN) and work as a RN. Hopefully I'll be working in the Behavioral Health Department in the Emergency room, or at a psychiatric clinic or mental health ward in a hospital. Eventually I hope to gain my Doctorate of Science in Nursing (DSN) in Behavioral Health.

While my career is very important to me, my life also focuses on the needs of my family and friends. I enjoy fashion and science as well, impacting a lot of what I read and do. I also love writing and storytelling. I am a creative person, and my creativity is apart of every aspect of my life from down time to problem solving.
Life has been very, very hectic lately. I have gotten very limited writing done lately. In hopes of both getting more writing done and helping with some financial problems that are hitting pretty hard, I would love to open up commissions for short stories or even small novella projects.

I do a large collection of writings, and have always opened myself up to writing pieces for others. I love crafting many different stories and poems, even enjoying working with others to create a story they want to share with the world. If you have a story that you want created, but you are not sure how to put the words to it, I'm willing to work with you to make that dream come true. I have worked with many different genres; science fiction, fantasy, supernatural fiction, dark fiction, poetry, erotica, High Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Modern Fairy Tales, time-shift, steam punk, and cyberpunk.

Poetry: $5
Short Story, single: $0.04 a word.
Short Story, Multiple Parts: $0.06 a word
Erotica, single: $0.06 a word
Erotica, Multiple Parts: $0.08 a word
Non-Fiction: $0.08 a word, varying cost for research.
Copy Writing: $10 - $50

All prices are negotiable, and may be subject to change based on demand.
  • Listening to: the whispers around us.
  • Reading: the foot notes of reality.
  • Watching: My Illusions.
  • Playing: with minds.
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