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[OC] Spinel - Steven Universe

Finally she is here!!! Finally I finished her and she appeared!
It took me a whole year, literally, to imagine, think, sketches to get her done in a nice and perfect design, which I actually feel totally satisfied with. The color palette was a piece of cake but the rest was such a challenge. This is OFFICIALLY her design.

Here's some description:

Name: Spinel

Gem type: Quartz.

Nickname: Love, Angel, Star or Dear (mostly used).

Pronouns: She/her; It.

Sex orientation: Heterosexual;

Gem location: Chest.

Music: Theme.

Status: Crystal Gem; Gem warrior

Famous quote: Love created a Rose Quartz, and the world became sweet.

Weapon/Power: Ballet ribbon.

  • Sonokinesis: Spinel can create, shape and manipulate sound, a periodic disturbance of the medium (air, ground, water, etc) that radiates outward in straight lines in the form of a pressure wave. The effect these waves produce upon the ear is perceived as sound. Spinel can mimic, intensify, hush, and distort, as well warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound, using it as a powerful physical force and high-speed movement.
  • Echolocation: Spinel can emit sound waves and use the echoes that return from various objects to locate and identify the objects. Alternately, she can use ambient sounds to do the same.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: She has drastically enhanced reaction speed, allowing them to dodge bullets, catch flies in mid-air, dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others take more time to react to.
  • Romantic Inducement: Spinel can induce love into others, including the love for the herself or love for another person. Effects will vary depending on the Spinel's mental strength: Those subjected to this ability may develop a strong infatuation for somebody but will remain in control of themselves, or they may feel so much love for somebody that they have an intense desire to make them happy, becoming completely submissive to them.


  • Negative side: Spinel can be nice and friendly but sometimes this can turn into a complete naiveness and Spinel becomes really depended of others to do even simple normal things. She also has a really slim physique and due to this, Spinel it's not a strong as her other teammates. She is, literally, the Damsel in distress. She used to be as a maid and/or servant in Homeworld, just like Pearls, the only difference is that Spinels have a more simple duties and really simple ones. Spinel is aware of this flaw she came with and she still fighting to overcome them and become stronger and more indepent of others in battles.
  • Positive side: Spinel may be very naive and innocent when coming to fights but she is the one that is always there to support and give hope to everyone. She can be defined as the chewign gum that never loses its flavor, that means she is never giving up when comes to help (emotionally and spiritually) others. No wonder many gems love her. She always tries to maintain positive toward extreme situations and she thinks that hope it's the last thing that dies, so don't worry because, when she is alround, everything will be alright for sure.



  • She is voiced by Tara Strong.
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I've got news for you pal,
but don't feel bad,
made the same mistake 
Gem Adopt?  by BucketFiish  
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YOU WISH *but for real gj*


the movie came and said BOI YOU BETTER GET THAT OUTTA HERE and made their spinel

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Actually, this person made this oc over a year before the movie was a thing.
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Welp this didn't age well after the movie
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So does it feel to have the actual Steven Universe series create another character named Spinel?
Do you like the Spinel they made?
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oh hey its a spinel OC before the movies Spinel :V
nice :3
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well this didn't age very well...
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