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My Little Phoenix
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Published: October 5, 2008
© 2008 - 2019 myhilary
my big work on holiday. And first time I draw Phoenix.
thanks for watching ^ ^
ps. very large size

ornament brush by Finsternis stock
Chinese Dragon Brushset by neb tssg
Oriental View brush by ChrissyM
Flame brush by redheadstock
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2100x1800px 2.54 MB
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Comments (26)
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CrystalAlice|Hobbyist Filmographer
Reminds me of Hotohori with Yuu Watase's Phoenix - awesome artwork! :D
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Ecalavian|Hobbyist Artist
AWESOME !!!!!!!! WOW this is just amazing.
whis I had the talent to make somethig this great ^^
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TerraNovr's avatar
wow!! :D
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Cecilia-vas-ilion's avatar
awesome pic!

I like the way you drew the phoenix ^^
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Milu-milu-Akie's avatar
this is awesome!
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AmazingPink|Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing!! :clap:
The phoenix is so huge and you called it "little phoenix"? now that sounds irony XD
Anyways, I love the colours!
Awesome work here! X3
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0-Akascha-0|Hobbyist General Artist
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I hope you don't mind if I :+fav: this, there is much to be desired here and I will express it. ^^

This is the first Phoenix portrayed in anime style that I actually like:

Even though in many legends and myths, the Phoenix is mainly portrayed as male and in this piece the eye lashes, that look like beautiful phoenix-pheasant feathers, give this bird a more "feminine" look in-which you did a swell job at. :) That symbol on it's forehead and between the eyes I'm not familiar with, what does it mean?

The flame illusions beneath the wings are mystifying, I felt drawn to them as much as I am drawn to the Phoenix overall. Although fire is an element of destruction and the fact that in most legends; the Phoenix symbolizes life, rebirth, and/or flame, the somewhat serene fire matches the other traits quite well and how you drawn it expresses an excellent balance of serenity and destruction.

The feathers, especially the tips, which fairly obviously symbolize fire itself, you did an awesome job at it, this is probably my favorite part of this art!

The kimono-clad character with this giant bird of flame is pretty mysterious, in fact, I can't even tell if it's male or female. Either way, the red kimono matches the rather fiery and mystifying theme very well despite some other colors standing out but a little more colorful variety wouldn't hurt at all.

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the background as I have a mixed opinion on it and rather be direct.

This Phoenix is amazing, and I'm not gonna lie as it's pretty obvious, the bird is my favorite mythical creature nor am I some popular critic, I just wanted to express an in-detail opinion.
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biishi! SQUEEEE!
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Epsilon86|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Look stunning!! I love the vibrant colour and the pattern!
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Woah... this is amazing :heart:-:heart: And only 38 faves? Blasphemy! DX
It's amazing work, well done on it! :D
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I couldn't pass by this without trying it as a wallpaper. And it owns as one!
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Marine-Depths13's avatar
This just makes me speechless @_@ Amazing work!
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Great! :D
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ตาชั้นบอด!!! = =++
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Puretails|Hobbyist Digital Artist
อลังการมากๆ สวยงามเกินบรรยาย
ตาหนูโดนไฟนกเผาซะแล้ว แดงแสบตา >w<
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Oh gawd, that is beautiful.
I love the clear high def textures of yours <333 :heart:

(Phoenix doesn't seem too XD
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unknownlifeform|Hobbyist Digital Artist
รูปทั้งใหญ่ ทั้งอลัึงการมักๆ =A=".... /me เป็นลมกะความอลังการ
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satorukun's avatar
=A= อลังการจริงๆ

มันขัดๆกับบรรยากาศยังไงไม่รู้อะ เหมือนสีแสงจากไฟรอบๆมันกระทบไม่ถึงตัว ละมั้ง

รึท่านจงใจล่ะเนาะ ก้ไม่รู้

แต่ที่รู้ มันอลังการม๊ากกก X>
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myhilary|Hobbyist Digital Artist
รูปนี้ไม่ได้จะให้แสงไฟส่องเลยจ่ะ เหมือนใส่ไฟเป็นเครื่องประดับฉากเท่านั้น(เพราะมันดูโล่งๆและความขี้เกียจตัวเป็นขนของฉันนั่นเอง กร๊ากก;)
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อ้อ เพราะความขี้เกียจน่ะเอง
/โดนต่อย ข้อหากวนทีน

X3 งี๊ด ไงๆก้ชอบมากอ่ะ
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arseniquez|Professional Digital Artist
งดงามอลังการครับ แดงแปร๊ดเลย XD
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