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Zombie Bear

Zombie/Gangsta Version of Teddy Bear Rendered in Prismacolor Pen and Markers (original for sale for CHEAP)…
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Yikes. O_O  But still awesomely cool.
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i dont know y, but i like this one... ^^
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Well thanks, maybe its because its good lol 
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it is good , it just the feeling are more .. haha ^^ maybe
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Hey, cool work man! I love how you've done the alternating braids on the rope down the middle, that gives it a feeling of depth without a change in value and looks very clever. And the subject matter is creepy in all the right ways. One thing you might consider doing is adding some kind of a dark grey behind the teddy bear to give pop the ropes and the bear off the page. Keep up the great work, looking forward to seeing more! #ArtistsInTheMaking
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Thanks for you kind words, the braids your are referring to are suppose to be like string or material to stitch. Because the image is a bear ripping out of something and the stitches are resisting him and then there are a variety of eyes to make it darker. Yea I have 3 other iterations with different colors if you are interested to take a look
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Super cool! Would make a great poster.
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Well thank you kindly! 
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