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This is my 1st marker rendering! Drawn in Pencil on velum, then Marker rendered on the front and some back to give the depth and color!…
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As stated in the other critique by "CanUDigIt65," this is an incredibly well rendered piece, especially when you consider it's been done in marker. The perspective here is near flawless. The one possible issue is the bridge looks like it has a bit of a slope to it, as the indentation on the left side of the piece appears to reach farther than that on the right.

Of course, there is a chance that there was meant to be a slope, but I assume not.

I love how you can make out the slight hint of rivets in all the different walls panels. It's really quite stunning. As is the lighting of the piece--the shadows are lovely. Unfortunately, I can only give this piece a 3 of 5 for originality, as it really doesn't have that much going on. Maybe if there was some sort of sky or something ... It's just very plain. Though not to say also very well done!