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Journal Entry: Wed Jun 15, 2011, 5:59 PM
As I get oriented to my new home here in Wisconsin I am slowly beginning to take more pictures, and will slowly add them. It has been a long but very good transition. Thank goodness for DA to keep providing me inspiration. I'm hoping to get out some more this weekend to explore and take pictures. There are so many beautiful places here I'm not sure where to start. A little bit of traveling will help.

I do miss all the folks back in Iowa.


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Temptations everywhere

Journal Entry: Sun May 22, 2011, 12:09 AM
I feel inclined to update my journal since I've finally updated a few pictures, but creativity escapes me at the moment. However, I am privileged to be a part of DA where inspiration abounds. I also get weekly emails from the Digital Photography School who has an article of "53 Weekly Themes for Your 2011" to help with inspiration.…

Next week, beginning the 23rd, the theme is Temptation. So I thought I'd feature a few choice morsels from around DA on this theme. Perhaps I too will now be tempted to go build upon this theme, and others to come.

Blame the alcohol by Qels   by :iconqels:

malevolence by TheMichaelMacRae   by :iconthemichaelmacrae:

Lilith:The Original Temptation by PayneNoir   by :iconpaynenoir:

Eve's Apple Tree by triplikeyedo   by :icontriplikeyedo:

A Temptation by Angel-Bella-Donna   by :iconangel-bella-donna:

the temptation by redchili   by :iconredchili:

Temptation by VixRayne   by :iconvixrayne:

Temptation of St. Anthony DBH by missmonster   by :iconmissmonster:

Temptation by BlackMageAlodia   by :iconblackmagealodia:

Temptation. by MasPix   by :iconmaspix:

Give the artists a look and be inspired.

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Journal Entry: Fri Dec 31, 2010, 10:59 AM
Here I sit on the last day of the year, wondering how to spend the day in my new home, in my new town.

I am surrounded by boxes and possessions mostly serving as placeholders while we figure out where their permanent homes should be. At the moment I am unmotivated make decisions of this magnitude. Larry just informed me that there was a lonely nap out there somewhere that needed company and he has gone to find it. I'm entertaining the idea of finding one myself. Then again, that requires a change in direction and my inertia has me playing on the computer.

I edited a picture this morning - the first in a very long time. I've never used Adobe before, preferring the price point of GIMP instead. However, it came on my new laptop so I thought I'd give it a whirl and am so far quite happy with it. I still don't know that I'd go out and buy it, but I won't complain about having it.

I remember when I first started taking and editing pictures, I did far more splicing images together and placing "artistic" effects on them. A trip down memory lane in my gallery will show this trend. As I took more pictures, I became more interested in the composition of the photos themselves and got better about creating images that needed very little editing to achieve what I wanted. I find myself reverting now that I've stalled in my development as a photographer. I guess we'll see what comes next.

I think I hear the piteous cries of a forlorn nap. Perhaps I will go relieve it of its solitude...

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Moving on and hoping to be around more - virtually

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 9, 2010, 6:29 PM
I can't believe it has been almost a year since I last posted a journal entry. It hasn't been for lack of things going on. Rather than looking back seeing all the pictures I haven't taken and edited, I will instead focus on the future.

I am moving to Madison, Wisconsin next week to take a tech support job in a health insurance company. I got confirmation today that we can move into our new apartment on Tuesday, and I start work Wednesday. I have heard nothing but good things about both Madison and the company I am going to be working for so I'm very excited. I can't say I am sad to be leaving Iowa, just my friends. I am going to still be around Cedar Rapids from time to time because Larry has family here still.

I have been so anti-social the last several months that I doubt few people who know me in person will notice I've gone, which makes me sad because I miss having the time to be part of your lives. I would love to have people come visit if you find yourselves in Madison ever. So despite my absence from events and activities and even online, consider yourselves invited to visit. I've been focusing a lot on work and getting enough sleep so I can be alert, and this new job is a welcome pay-off. The projects that have taken my focus are what gave me the edge to be hired.

I'm looking forward to exploring a whole new area and beginning to take pictures again. My faithful little camera that drew me into the world of photography went astray a few months ago and the replacement has some internal issues, so I haven't had a good camera even when I've wanted to take pictures. A new one is definitely in my future. Results coming to DA soon!

I look forward to catching up with everyone's creations here.

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October Down

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 9, 2010, 6:49 PM
After the last journal, are you thinking, huh?

I have been light on my picture taking of late, as I'm sure you've noticed. These posted just recently are from my trip to Florida in October for work. Happily I had time to wander around the Keys and snap some pictures with my little camera.

After quitting my night job in October I was so gleefully happy to not have to spend every night on the computer anymore. As a result editing pictures has fallen by the wayside. Now the urge is beginning to strike once more so I shall endeavor to catch up again. Just in time for spring to bring the camera out.

Spring of the world. Spring of my photography.

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January Down

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 7, 2010, 3:51 PM
Wow, where does time go? I swear when I'm 90 I'm going to blink and be 100!

Hope all is well with all who read this.

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Going Beyond the Pictures . . .

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 23, 2009, 9:17 PM
Recently I have managed to make it through all the deviations of those I watch and actually take time to look and comment on some. I remember why I love being on DA. Seeing this creativity in the world is wonderful.

Many of you probably have your own plethora of artists you watch who fill your boxes with deviations regularly. I wanted to share with you some who over my two years on DA have continued to impress me again and again with their talent. This is not to say these are the only ones who are worth a deeper look on my list. I simply have something to say about their most recent work and I have never met any of them so all I know of them is through their art.

If you have time please take some to actually click on the pictures, fullview and read the descriptions, as I find each of these steps to have their own rewards.

This DA artist is actually a published children's book author. Her pictures have made me smile time and again pretty much from the moment I joined DA. Here are a couple  of her recent pictures. I strongly recommend reading the description she writes of the rather normal goldfish picture. It makes the picture!
Two Ryukins by ursulav      Warhamster 40K: Black Templar by ursulav

This artist creates visually alive scenes telling stories with images that I find to be a feast for the eyes. Of course I had to favorite a giant alien robot reigning destruction down upon a city. But he also draws scenes depicting a post apocalyptic future, space exploration, fantasy, and historic naval battles. He shares the methods of his creative work from time to time which I find fascinating as a watcher. Now is the time to start following him if you are so inclined as every year he produces a phenomenal Halloween themed picture.
Invasion by RadoJavor      Mother Pumpkin by RadoJavor

This artist holds a special place in my heart as most of his pictures are taken in Utah which is a land of much beauty and a place I love very much. With his old film cameras he manages to capture unique images of very alive deserts as well as the decay of the many abandoned human structures found in the often unforgiving West. His series of chair photos that he adds to periodically was actually the inspiration for my pursuit of lamp post pictures.
What's Cookin' by mymamiya      Only The Past Remains by mymamiya

This artist's drawings are what drew me to him. He doesn't post every often, but his drawings are so intricately detailed and full of myth and meaning that pouring over one of them is like reading an entire story. Recently he has begun posting videos in which he brings his drawings to life to convey messages. This recent one is just a demo – I can't wait to see the whole thing. It is worth the watch.
      atalara by mahlukat

I have enjoyed watching this artist's work develop as he looks for opportunities to capture street scenes, portraits, amusing composed shots, and lovely nature scenes. He writes of what he is working on, and it is fun to see in action. He is a fantastic combination of humor and talent. Nothing limits him.
Krissi 6 by indi-is-conan      Got Thumbs by indi-is-conan

There are many more I'd like to feature but I don't want this to get too long.  I'd love to see some features from other people like this too - not just of pictures they like, but of the artists themselves. I am fascinated by the people behind the art as much as the art itself.


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Primal Scream Therapy

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 18, 2009, 4:11 PM
Sometimes life just makes you want to…

Pain by Noko  

Mature Content

Cry by Fhabio
   Out of the Darkness by rosshammond999

Scream by himmelogjord  :thumb38147773:   Scream by dasbarmaley

:thumb99978812:   s.c.r.e.a.m by Scribbles-Dementia   scream by vidi

Scream by META-M0RPH0SIS   scream by Rezore  

Mature Content

Anguish by RTyson

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A New Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 11, 2009, 5:02 PM
I am not feeling particularly verbose… too many emotions roiling around inside me. I would not think I could feel so profoundly sad and so utterly happy at the same time but I do. Both emotions are coexisting, leaving me in a state that feels somewhat akin to floating. I have found this state to be very productive picture-wise, as you may have noticed.

In the past I have tended to edit and post pictures as I take them. However, I have been so inconsistent in my photographic pursuits the last few months that I have random pictures in random places, so I will be posting them randomly. You may see a picture from May in Florida next to a picture from August in Iowa next to a picture from July in South Dakota and then a whole slew from August again followed by a trickle from June… you get the picture.

We'll see when inspiration strikes me next to write.

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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 23, 2009, 8:43 PM
I have so many pictures to edit and post... be warned. ;)

I still have many pictures from Disneyworld and Kennedy Space Center that I visited in May. I took many pictures and while I love them all, I don't think it is fair to subject those who watch me to all the fun family shots and pictures of touristy things that you could just as easily find on the internet. These are my memories, not my artistic expressions. But I will be posting some that I think are particularly interesting. I admit, if this were the 1960's you would all be invited to a dinner party at my house where I would subject you to slides of my various travels. Hopefully they wouldn't be too tedious.

I will then throw in a few pictures from local travels around Iowa in June as well as a quick trip to Maryland. I don't have that many, and again my pictures have more of a touristy quality than anything artistic. I find that these days I take less pictures when I am enjoying a place for the first time.

July so far has taken me to some more local venues as well as a trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota which are beautiful. At the rate I'm going you may not see these pictures until December but I will do what I can to make my way through them to find some to post.

Since I have not been taking as many pictures the last several months I have noticed my skill declining significantly. I do not have the same connection with my camera as I did before, and I am now working with a new one that I have not works out all the kinks with yet. I didn't realize how muck skill I had developed during my very productive times until I stopped taking pictures all the time. This is definitely something I don't want to lose.

My next adventure will be to Fargo, North Dakota. I plan to stay clear of wood chippers but hopefully I will have time to explore and find things to record for posterity. Quickly following that I will be attending Anime Iowa and then the Bristol Renaissance Faire. These should all be wonderful opportunities for reacquiring skills.


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Life Spam

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 19, 2009, 4:58 PM
Wow its been a long time... I keep believing life will settle down enough for me to write and post and comment on all the wonderful pictures and journals that have been stacking up here on DA. I am on the back end of all the crazy changes and traveling that began in April. I've had time to edit and post only a few of the pictures I've managed to snap on my recent travels and more will be coming.

As most know, I moved in May to a newer, bigger, better place closer to work so I can fully indulge in being a true workaholic. I'm very happy with the decision as I now have just enough time to myself between jobs and in the morning that I am no longer completely exhausted. The change of venue has done wonders for my mental health and I am actually feeling like being social again which is a fantastic feeling. Now I just have to wait for things to calm down enough to allow me time to do so.

I'd like especially to thank :iconwhoapony: and :iconhamletspants: without whose help during the move I would have been far more stressed and lost. I have to say, Mary kicks some major ass when it comes her big truck with enormous horse trailer driving skills. Six years ago I was coming to terms with the fact that I was actually thinking of moving to Iowa, but if you'd have told me I'd someday move all my possessions in a horse trailer I'd have told you you were crazy. Well here I am and I was thrilled to do it. I can't thank all those who helped me enough, but I'll try. Thank you thank you thank you...

In addition to travels for work, I had the chance in May to go to Disneyworld, one of my favorite places. I'm not afraid to admit that the Magic Kingdom is truly magical for me. It rained every day we were there which was just fine as it thinned out the crowds and helped lessen the heat. I have a few pictures I'll be posting as I have time to go through them. When on family outings one's concern is more to capture the people memories than be artistic but I tried to put some composition and thought behind a few as well.

As much as I love Disneyworld, my favorite part of the trip was when my brother and his wife and I went to Kennedy Space Center. Space Mountain can't hold a candle to the Saturn rocket! It was an absolutely incredible day. The little girl in me was jumping up and down squealing with glee the entire time and the adult me was hardly less excited. We took the tour that brought us as close to the launchpads as civilians can get, a distance at which your organs would explode during a launch if you happened to be there on launch day. I saw the Space Shuttle Endeavour on the launchpad prepping to take components to the International Space Station the following week, and after that we got to see the actual components being prepared by engineers for the journey. Amazing!

Last weekend I had the privilege of being an event photographer for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Chesapeake Challenge walk - a 32 mile walk on Maryland's eastern shore to help raise money for research. As you may remember from a desperate post I made several months ago, I was originally going to walk it. When I finally came to terms with the fact that I wasn't going to be prepared, this opportunity opened up. I enjoyed having the chance to scope out the course during the event for the most photogenic locations. I am hoping they will want to use some of my pictures in newsletters and promotional materials, and all the event participants will be able to see themselves having a good time and making a difference. There were other photographers so they have a lot of material to chose from. Even one used would be an honor.

Finally, my work's annual art show was this week and I entered photos in all three categories, B&W, color and digitally enhanced. Because I haven't been very prolific the last year much of what I entered was older but it was nice to have a new venue for display. Two of my pictures won in their categories: "Time to Change" in digitally enhanced and "I Love" in B&W. I'm very happy the people at my company liked my pictures enough to vote for them. "I Love" is an especially meaningful picture to me so I am thrilled it was recognized.

      I Love by mygreymatter      Time to Change by mygreymatter

Well, that's about it for the spam from now. I don't necessarily like overwhelming with a long post but given the rarity of updates these days I thought I should just throw it all out there and let whoever wants to wade through my life have at it. Keep up your own wonderful art and posts... I will be catching up with all of it here and there as I have time.

P.S. My mood below should be content, not tired... DA emoticons are not online. Bah.

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The Young Ones House

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 11, 2009, 8:10 PM
I am currently home between trips to the Chicago suburbs. I love traveling though doing so for work does not always give the opportunities to return home with cool stories and images. I do have a few pictures from a brief jaunt downtown I will be posting sometime in the future. Being in the city drives home how I miss being in a larger urban area. I will not be leaving Iowa anytime soon but I am glad to be reminded of where I ultimately want to be.

Between completing household chores, editing pictures, playing with my guinea pigs, and working, I have been enjoying watching old shows on Netflix, both instantly and on DVD. After taking in an episode of Buck Rogers from the late 70's, I switched over to watching DVDs of the early 80's show, The Young Ones.

I had a vague awareness of this show from the early days of MTV when it was on TV. It was a rare show among the plethora of music videos that used to be broadcast. I didn't watch it enough to know much about it, or that it featured a band on the show every episode. I've really been enjoying seeing these little known bands, the only one of which I have ever heard of being Dexy's Midnight Runners.

The episode I just watched featured bit parts by Hugh Laurie of House fame. It was a little weird seeing a young Dr. House playing out British slapstick comedy, but there he was. I almost didn't believe it until I had it confirmed by IMDB. Emma Thompson also had a bit part in this episode. Anyone who is a diehard House fan might be amused by seeing him in this episode entitled "Bambi."

And that's all the fun and excitement I have today kids.

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Journal Entry: Sat Apr 4, 2009, 7:36 AM
Amidst reports of yet another snow storm blowing our way this weekend, I headed out for an errand early on this lovely early spring morning. I didn't sleep nearly long enough but I still had the awareness to realize how much I enjoy breathing in crisp morning air and feel a calm around me. I love night time, but I sometimes think I would enjoy early mornings even more if I was awake for them. And on such mornings, I do enjoy walking.

Since I am currently working, I thought I'd "walk" through some pictures I found in searching for hike. I have been speaking to one of my coworkers about hiking the last few days and with the coming of warmer weather, I am hoping to again explore whatever loveliness I can find here in Iowa.

So without further ado, pictures for your viewing pleasure:

     :thumb92026760:      Hiking it up II by Phoenixtear  
      Hike ... by Raphael-Lacoste      Upper Lena Lake by donahue  
      ID-mountains by puffinpunk      Into the light by postapocalypsia

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Is there really no time

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 2, 2009, 5:50 PM
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
6:00  Alarm goes off
6:45  Drag myself out of bed (sometimes before)
7:30  Leave for work
8:00  Work
12:00 Too busy to take lunch, work through
5:00  Leave work
5:30  Get home, feed piggies & myself
6:00  Work
10:00 Off for the night
10:30 Lights out, if I'm lucky

6:00  Alarm goes off
6:45  Drag myself out of bed (sometimes before)
7:30  Leave for work
8:00  Work
12:00 Too busy to take lunch, work through
5:00  Leave work
5:30  Get home, feed piggies, maybe myself
6:00  Work
8:00  Off for the night, head to game
2:00  Get home, sleeeeeep

Not knowing how insanely busy we would be at work right now, I signed up in December to do a 50K walk with my mom and sister in mid-June. I have not even begun training for it and am now about 12 weeks out, which is the minimum training time. I can start now, but this now has been lingering for awhile now. And I am so very tired all the time.

My question is... when can I do it? I have time on the weekends but two days a week isn't enough to get myself strong enough to walk 32 miles and not have my legs simply stop working.

So I'm swallowing my pride and making a journal entry to see if anyone, anyone at all, can give me some ideas, tips, thoughts, whatever, that might help.

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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2009, 6:09 PM
At 8:00am CST on Mt. Vernon Rd and 31st St SE, just before Burger King, my car reached 100,000 miles. Some Tool song – wish I knew which one, they all sound alike to me – had just started playing on the radio. At 99,999 "Highway to Hell" was finishing its final note mere moments before the odometer turned. Do you think that means I am no longer on the Highway to Hell, or just that I have arrived?

100000 by mygreymatter

I got my car new in 2001. I think it had something like 35 miles on it. It has taken me to a lot of places. My car has seen more states than most people I know. It has some rattles and creaks, just like its owner, but still seems to want more, just like its owner. I wonder if I'll manage to get another 100,000 miles out of it. At the moment I hope so because I can't really afford another car, and this one seems to suit me. Neither of us are happy driving in snow and ice but anywhere, anytime else we're ready to go.

In other recent milestones, Devlin and I celebrated one year together on Sunday. I have decided to move out of my hovel-like apartment into some place much nicer, and unfortunately much more expensive.  But it is literally across the street from work so my aging vehicle will see quite a bit less activity during the week, which I think is fine with both of us. I conducted my first official training at work yesterday which usher's in a new phase of my job. Thus begins a year and a half (hopefully, as lately work seems to enjoy laying people off) of travel and training on a very regular basis.

I am definitely still on the road.

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Journal Entry: Mon Feb 16, 2009, 8:46 PM
There are some objects in pictures that always seem to draw my attention here on DA. For awhile now, for some reason, pictures of chairs have seemed to fascinate me. Perhaps because they are such common items and have such a human connection. Seen without the homo sapien posterior they have an odd presence that I believe is captured well in pictures.

One of my favorite artists :iconmymamiya: on DA has been doing a wonderful ongoing series on chairs.
Shooting Chair by mymamiya   The Sofa by mymamiya   Patriots Chair by mymamiya   Chair by mymamiya   Chair 2 by mymamiya

When another artists I watch :iconchurant: posted a great chair photo,
I decided it was time to do a little feature.

Here are some other great chair pictures I have gleaned from browsing the search word “chair.” Have a seat and enjoy…
Point-Of-Chair by riderget6   Lost Chair by joeyglockner  :thumb112739107:   Loneliness by Mirunina   14.2.2009 - February afternoon by Suensyan  :thumb113056846:  :thumb113150576:       The Chair by princessmartini   the empty chair by lauren-rabbit  :thumb108480862:   Empty by flyhigh22   Sittin Alone In An Empty Chair by Kiremino   Empty . by DestelloDeLuz   the empty chair by chaosphaere   emptiness by Dawn-of-Fire   Empty Chair by Photography-reviewed


I was also tagged recently by :iconwhoapony: with the "8 Things About You" tag. Although this one has been going around for a long time, I have never done it til now, though I have been tagged a few times with it. I am a Scrooge, I know. As usual, I tag no one on this, but I'll go ahead and place 8 random things about me here:

1. I have a female guinea pig named Alton Brown
2. I have a near-pathological hatred of doing dishes
3. I really truly suck at video games but enjoy them anyway
4. I miss the mountains the most and will someday live among them again
5. I love being in water
6. I have had morphea on my leg since I was 11
7. I will not attend my 20 year high school reunion in June
8. I miss my grandma

And that is that.

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What Planet Was I On?

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 22, 2009, 5:32 PM
I don’t consider myself to be totally out of it as far as popular culture goes. Sure, if you mention the latest hip-hop song or rap singer I’d be hard pressed to show a glimmer of recognition. A sad fact actually because when I am exposed to it, once in a great while, I find a song or artist that I think is brilliant or just plain fun. Although I don’t have cable I know enough people who talk about TV that I have a pretty good idea about what it on these days and occasionally catch shows and enjoy them.

I tend to think the “Academy” i.e. the group who gives out the Oscars each year, tends to be, for the most part, suppressed middle age men in search of relived youth. I make this assumption based on the fact that they always seem to choose movies that deal with mid-life crises usually involving a nubile young vixen. But for the most part, I have seen and enjoyed many of the nominations and at least heard of the vast majority of the others. Not this year.

Listening to the radio on the way home I heard the list of nominated movies and wondered if I had been in a coma in 2008. In the best actress category I had never even heard of a single film (The Reader, Rachel Getting Married, Changeling, Frozen River, and Doubt), though I am relieved to say I recognized the actresses save one. For best picture I have only seen one listed – (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), and heard only recently of another (Milk) on some news show, but didn’t have an inkling that the others even existed (Frost/Nixon, Slumdog Millionaire,  and The Reader). The Best Supporting Actor category sports two movies in no other category that I have heard of and seen (Tropic Thunder and Dark Knight).

Honestly, have I been that out of it? Or is the “Academy” just becoming so obscure in their tastes? I understand the need to advance film making and not want to promote the same drivel year after year. At the same time, shouldn’t there be a mix of movies that are well known as well as artistic included? Of course, I will admit that I have seen very few movies of late and perhaps I am just THAT out of it. Am I?

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Wheep Wheep Wheep

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 8, 2009, 7:28 PM
In November I got an addition to my household: a guinea pig. Since I am stuck at home most evenings I thought it would be a good time for me to give a home to a little one as I can hang out with him then. I am still rearranging things to make space for a decent sized cage and a play area for him so I haven't taken any pictures, but they will be coming.

There are some awesome guinea pig pictures on DA already so I thought I'd do a little feature celebrating these wonderful little creatures.

Guinea Pigs featured with some of my favorite things:

Guinea Photography by elenril  by  :iconelenril:

  by  :iconrainforest-hippie:

Guinness Pig by Arekkusu-kun  by  :iconarekkusu-kun:

Guinea Pig by one of my favorite artists here on DA:

Saddle Guinea by ursulav  by  :iconursulav:

And a few more awesomely cool pictures:

  by  :iconklises:

Oh noes. by Nikx  by  :iconnikx:

'Duke, my guinea pig' by OverlordMortiroth  by  :iconoverlordmortiroth:

Vegeta on my Guinea Pig by Woelzy  by  :iconwoelzy:

For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of spending time around guinea pigs, the title of this journal is the sound they make when they are letting you know it is time to feed them. The love their veggies. :D

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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 4, 2009, 5:00 PM
New Year... I suppose I should make an entry to, at the very least, have the old one go away.

I had a lovely holiday and didn't take as many pictures as I usually do. Too much other activity going on with children and celebrations and such.

I found out that I do not suck at Wii bowling. This is an amazing discovery as I tend to do very poorly at most video games (but that never stops me from playing.) I actually "bowled" 211. Better than any real life game I've every bowled.

I anticipate many more months of nose to the grindstone work ahead but I do like my jobs. I'll squeeze in social outings and photography where I can.

I also need to find time to squeeze in many many long walks. My sister signed us up to do a 32 mile walk with the Maryland MS Society in June. It should be a lovely walk but at the moment I believe I could eek out 3.2 miles fairly well, but remove the decimal and I'm in a world of hurt. June seems really close when I look at it from the perspective of needing to be ready. Hopefully the walks will afford more opportunities for pictures too. I've been missing it of late.

Hope all is well with all who have not yet given up on watching me. And I send good wishes to all on DA and all my friends, watching or not. Happy 2009.

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Hi Ho Hi Ho Its Off To Work I Go

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 15, 2008, 6:48 PM
Wow... I can't believe how delinquent I've been lately. I can't believe how quickly time is passing. I like having two jobs again, but I also miss all my free time.

I've had another birthday, the best one I've had in years. In a few days, weather willing, I will be heading to Maryland for Christmas. I'm really looking forward to playing with my niece and nephew and spending time with my sister and brother-in-law. I'll miss my brothers and parents. I wish we all lived closer.

I still have many photographic skills to explore and practice and hopefully develop. It will still come, just a bit slower than before.

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