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Nick Wilde :D

Quick doodly thing. I haven't even seen this movie yet. Oh well.

[If you steal this you can eat my Spotted Dick.]
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Very nice art! I want you to know that Jesus Christ loves you - He always has and always will, no matter what! You're priceless and you matter! God bless. ^_^

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Amazing do you take art trades?

Amazing job, dude!

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Good God it's making me want to pet him.
Too cute! Aaaahhhhh!!!!
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That's the most adorable and cutest face in the zoo world :heart:
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This face screams I'm going to eat your soul
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Excuse me, but what art program did you use and what tool did you use to blend and make the fur look so good?
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absolutely adorable amazing job!
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I like the way you blended the colors on his head.  Combined with his expression, this is probably how he wants to look in the eyes of the people he's trying to swindle. :XD:

Or, maybe it's an authentic expression after he'd had a change of heart, upon crossing paths with Judy. :meow:
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hey, i'll eat your Spotted Dick as long as you make it right. :D
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He looks so innocent.  It's so cute!! :iconinulaplz:
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Me:why are you staring at me?Nick:um I don't know uhh see you later!me: whiskey tango foxtrot?
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i looked up furry dick

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Handsome stare! :D
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I'm gonna have a heart attack..
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I think it look cute!
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