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WeWant - Spike Font

Another quick spike font.
Have fun be creative

For Public And Commercial Use...
Use this font for what ever you want too no need to ask...

Its always nice to see what you make out of my fonts.... Send me a note with the link in...
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This front is awesome!!!
it's so beautiful, I love it, thank you!
Moonkidd's avatar
Words cannot express how much I love this font.
Smiley4444's avatar
Great font work!
Was looking for something like this for one of my marketing projects.
*remembers to credit fox*
JenariJoe's avatar
Very interesting
All your fonts are super cool!
Only comment: not friendly yet for the é-ê-è for french using!
Thanks a lot!
Jack-Slim's avatar
Thanks! like it!
badseyboy's avatar
oh wow , so diffrent, yet so cool, :la:
raffomania's avatar
I think its kind of a little bit hard to read, but great anyways :)
Davination's avatar
Awesome Font! I'm gonna use it on my Trillian
trochlearmedia's avatar
Fox, you've got a sick hand at fonts (and more). I know it's been said before... just restating what can never be said enough.

Used in "Forge of Darkness" here: [link]
iraqk1's avatar
you did great job myfox :D
trucmai's avatar
* Simple is best, i luv it. Thanks again ^^
steelwagon6's avatar
really likin this, could prove useful for something ;) great job :D
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Feel free to use my fonts for public and commercial use. You do not need to credit me.
steelwagon6's avatar
wow, thank you very much! :D
AshitaUchiha's avatar
This is really cool, bt a few of them are hard to read. Still, great job! It's really creative!
aduhai's avatar
Matur suwun bule ganteng... (thanks alot)
Th3C0unt's avatar
I like this mucho much... will link back to you when I have used it...

WolfPilot's avatar
so i could use this for anything?!?...
MyFox's avatar
Yes. What ever you want to use it on. You do not need to credit me.

Have fun and be creative WolfPiolt.
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