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I found a heart in Brainy
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La Derniere Ecrivaine by MyFanFictionPicture, literature

La Derniere Ecrivaine by MyFanFictionPicture, literature

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Fancy Llama: Llamas are awesome! (1480)
Half-Moon Cake: Half-Werewolves love it (3)Half-Moon Cake: Half-Werewolves love it (3)Half-Moon Cake: Half-Werewolves love it (3)Half-Moon Cake: Half-Werewolves love it (3)Half-Moon Cake: Half-Werewolves love it (3)Half-Moon Cake: Half-Werewolves love it (3)Half-Moon Cake: Half-Werewolves love it (3)
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I am a 15 year old high school student and a great fan of The Great Mouse Detective! I actually like all the Disney but this one, I love it !!!!!!!!! Basil's All That, quite attractive, too intelligent ... almost perfect (I think I'm in love ^ ^), Dawson is super friendly, Olivia is too cute, too Fidget me laugh and Ratigan ... then it is THE villain par excellence! There should be more places like this in the Disney movies!

My hobbies: I like reading, writing, watching Disney (especially The Great Mouse Detective), listening to music, make friends.

My other sites:… # VideoID = xjkaep

My favorite movies: The Great Mouse Detective, Sherlock Holmes, 2009, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, Avatar, Titanic, all Disney in general, recently Alvin and the Chipmunks 1 and 2 (too cute little Alvin) Yogi Bear ( Yogi is so fun and Boo Boo is too cute!), the Smurfs (the film promises to be fun !^^), the Wizard of Oz in 1939 (with Judy Garland), The Three Musketeers (the one from Disney with Mickey Donald and Goofy)!

My favorite music: the songs of mostly Disney songs and the Wizard of Oz

My favorite singers: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Jena Lee, Jonathan Joyce, Era, Karen Cheryl, Michael Jackson, Shakira, Evanescence, Black Eyes Peas, Keisha, Rihanna, Britney Spears, the Chipmunks and Chipettes ...

My favorite characters: Basil, Sherlock Holmes, the hero of Disney in general, Olivia (I consider a hero), Alvin, Brittany, and the other Chipmunks Chipettes others, Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Cindy, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Woodman (or Tin Man) Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (character forgotten), Ortensia (girlfriend of Oswald).

My OC: Emotionette/ Clumsy Brainy (Emotionette and Brainy's last son)/ Brainy Jokey (Emotionette and Brainy's first son)/ Brainette (Emotionette and Brainy's first baby and daughter)/ Smurfy (best friend of Clumsy Brainy)/ Creepie (a Smurfette who growing up with insect)/ Inspectorette (big boss of CBI in Smurfs team)/ Sensitivette (Smurfette in Smurfs team in CBI)/ Large (Smurf strong in Smurfs Team in CBI)/ Rebel (the rebel Smurf in Smurfs team in CBI)/ Mentalist (a Smurf with glasses who work in CBI but not like a policesmurf)/ Emotional (gender bend of Emotionette)

Brainy Smurf Stamp by Shini-Smurf

Gutsy and Emotionette hug by MyFanFictionPicture emotionette meets distracted by pitufotontin Emotionette baby with the King and the Queen by MyFanFictionPicture Me or Emotionette and Clumsy by MyFanFictionPicture Emotionette doll version by MyFanFictionPicture Emotionette human Peyo style by MyFanFictionPicture Request : Emotionette by Lulu-lady 'Like Papa Smurf always sa-- ...ehh?!' by Shini-Smurf Emotionette's symbol by kuki12345 Smurfs:Brainy x Emotionette Rest by kiananuva12:thumb294185636: For my brother by MyFanFictionPicture Run by MyFanFictionPicture Couple of lovers by Sciccosa-The-Snappy Emotionette -GA- by P-i-X-a-N-a Peewit with Emotionette in the hand Request. by Sciccosa-The-Snappy Smurflings-sitting by MyFanFictionPicture:thumb287702721::thumb312998625: First look by MyFanFictionPicture Happy Mother Day by MyFanFictionPicture Smart Kiss by Kikyz by MyFanFictionPicture Tiny Smurfs by TheBluBerry emotionette by kuki12345 Love is in the air by TeenSmurfette Emotionette party dress by MyFanFictionPicture:thumb274049738::thumb275259017::thumb261153378::thumb265213867: Smurfy Girls by TeenSmurfette my first emotionette by harmonyzlove Spelling, Brainy n Emotionette Vamps by TairusuKU Gift to MyFanFictionPicture by TairusuKU Hi There by Tan-007 Smurfy Friends by eskie02:thumb297896864:

Favourite cartoon character: Basil of Baker Street/ Olivia/ Oswald the lucky rabbit/ Mickey Mouse/ Brainy Smurf/ Clumsy Smurf

Favourite Movies
The Smurfs/ Great Mouse Detective/ Sherlock Holmes 2009
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Games
Epic Mickey

Sonic The Movie

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I finally went to see Sonic, the film and ...... I LOVE IT!!!! At first, I was very skeptical because I was afraid that they would have made Sonic in real life movie just for the money (even if it is a little true ) and that they were going to fail it as they failed Super Mario Bros movie. (I like the games but not this real life movie) Sonic is the first video game I ever play with "Sonic and Knuckles"   so the idea that they would make a movie of this little character made me terribly nostalgic .... and the first trailer with this awful design  HORRIFED me !!      So I was very hesitant to go see this movie, to question many people w
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Today is Halloween :D And, if we follow our fiction "Encré dans le Mystère", it's Bendy's Birthday ^^              Today, he got 93 years of living in our Toonverse :D
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Here is the project of my dear friend ~EpicSmurfGirl ( who began a big song project for help a foundation It’s called “Transmutation: EMBRACE”! She made it to raise money for the BBR, which is a foundation dedicated to funding research about mental health. please go on her page for more information about her project, listen her singing (I love her voice) and take a look at her website!!… She deserve you take a look at her work :)
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Thank you for the favourite!

I would like to thank you for the favourites, I really appreciate it.