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Fenris - Gauntlet Process

Quick visual rep of the process of making my Fenris gauntlets. These are completely articulated, and are pretty darn fun to wear!

They're constructed of a leather glove base, and the "armor" is polystyrene sheet (Foamie!). I made the gloves, then cut away the necessary areas. After making a pattern for the individual pieces, they were cut out of polystyrene. Fingertips were closed to form the talons. The foam was edged in fabric paint (good old Scribbles), then got three coats of matte Mod Podge. The pieces were painted with a metallic spray paint, then given two treatments of Mod Podge hard coat. The talon pieces were scored and creased for a crisp look, then affixed individually to the gloves with epoxy. It was really fun watching the whole thing come together as pieces went on :) The finishing touch was the addition of a few rivets to the plates on the backs of the hands.
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I spent the first 30 minutes of the "Bram Stoker's Dracula" movie trying to figure out Dracula's gauntlets... and .... you just posted a better explanation  than I've seen anywhere else (and slightly cooler looking that Drac's) ! Thank you for sharing!
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Wow this is crazy cool!! When you were attaching the talon pieces with epoxy were you wearing the glove at the time? I'm myself trying to make a gauntlet at the moment but cant find people who've stuck pieces to the glove itself. How did you do it?
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Hey, sorry for the delay in replying! Thank you so much, I'm happy you like the way they look :D
Yes, I was wearing the glove while attaching the pieces. I made the gloves out of a medium-weight pleather and used E-6000 to attach the foam, starting at the knuckles and working up to the fingertips. I hope your gauntlet-making goes well!
It's awesome...How did you made that, i mean , for the fingers , i tried for hours without make something good .Can you get the template please?
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Hi, sorry for taking so long to reply! Thank you, I'm glad you like the way they look!

The talon pieces at the fingertips were made by creating a seam at the center front that was folded together to make a nice sharp point. I've been meaning to digitize the pattern for a long time, but it's a lot of pieces, and I'm not confident that I could get the size right by scanning it in ^^; I can post an image of the pieces for shape reference, if that would help.
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Awesome work! What materials did you use? How did you get them to keep their shape?
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Thank you very much! The materials and process are outlined in the description, if you're curious :)
Very beautiful! I would love to try and make them if you can share the blueprints! :)
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Wow, this is amazing! Oh god, I think i might use this as a reference for my gauntlets. (I'm also going to be doing a fenris cosplay...wish me luck!)
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Thank you so much TvT  Good luck, you can do it!
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do you have the plans for this? would love to make them in steel
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Hi, sorry for the delay!  I did make pattern peices, so I'll dig them out and try to get them scanned soon.  I'd love to see these done in metal :D
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Man! so awesome! I wish I was that good at making things :) I'm better at making fursuits :P
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Absolutely awesome! Thanks for that!
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These are great. Thank you for sharing! You've inspired me!
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Thank you very much, and you're welcome!  I'm really happy you found it helpful. :)
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