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No need to worry, I don't really feel like this anymore.

I can tell you though it's not a nice feeling.

I just drew this because it's a feeling that's difficult to express and that no one understands and :icondepressioncomix: encouraged me to draw it when I asked if he could.

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I feel that way sometimes but not that I cause all the suffering in the world, just other people who's lives I affect. I feel like I just screw everything up, am a burden and everyone would be better off without me in their lives. That's basically what "It's a Wonderful Life is About"; he wishes he had never been born because he hates his life and thinks everyone would be better off without him. He would've even committed suicide if that angel hadn't stopped him.
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I used to feel like that too. I still feel useless and like a failure but not like a burden. You know how people talk about rock bottom? Well when I reached mine, the people around me really showed me that I wasn't a burden and I can promise you that all the people around you would rather have you alive than dead. 
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I wonder if everyone feels that way sometimes. I know people love me but that's the worst part because I feel like they don't realize that they'd be better off without me. It's a twisted way of thinking, I know but I've had self-esteem issues my whole life and sometimes it gets really bad. Despite being an old, black-and-white movie "It's a Wonderful Life" has some really serious topics, like depression and suicide.
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I have had the exact same thoughts. It's not twisted it,s natural to feel that way when you have really low self-esteem and that's why you need people to be there for you and tell you that they need you in their life. 
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This is exactly, precisely how I feel every single day....
I often wonder if things would either be better or worse if I was never born. But then I say "f*** it, I'm alive, better make use of it."
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good attitude :)
keep it up. 
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That exact feeling comes to mind every once and a while.
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it can be difficult. there is always a way too survive
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I know the feeling.... I'm glad to say I dont feel it anymore either. Things are looking great, my friend :3
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So glad things are going great for u i just got called by the dollorama i has an interview wednesday
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Ooo whats that?
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Wonderful, it fits the feelings exactly. Thank you for drawing it!
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Thankyou for the comment
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Ah, no one should ever feel that way! D:
It's not like one person can cause all the suffering in the world... I think they're actually more likely to stop it then to create it.
I'm glad you don't feel that way anymore.
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Thanks. That's why I drew it it's a feeling that is very hard to understand to people who have never experianced it.
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That was a few years ago.
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Well now you know that someone understands. I really hope you dont feel that way anymore!!
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