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:iconmydoggycatmadi:MyDoggyCatMadi posted a status
I'm only resharing this because of how much over the top it's gotten in the last few minutes and how upset AngelicCrobat has gotten over this so I feel like it worth sharing we now go back to your regulary scheduled program. 
It seems Tammy reached a whole new level of stupidity and hypocrisy today.
Not that its surprising or anything, but still.
She also hurt one of my friends b/c of her having heterochromeia. I know people to WANT that. IT'S COOL. ITS DIFFERENT.
embedded_item1502563178260 by Tsuuuuuun embedded_item1502563005280 by Tsuuuuuun

I've been informed that Peri from FE has severe heterochromeia, and Jacob is one of her possible marriage cannidates.
Neat story from a teacher, he had a friend who has heterochromeia but it was temperature based, so sometimes he would peak into the freezer and his eyes would change color.

Gee Tammy, no wonder you don't even any true friends on this cite. You're such a sick bastard trying to pleasure yourself with all these delusional fetish dream moments you keep having. Example? All the characters you keep whoring yourself to. Which is literally everything with a pulse. It's beyond disgusting.
Honestly, what the hell Tammy? People literally watch you only to have evidence for all the chaos you cause. You spread the lies, we spread the truth.
All your "OC's" are literal copies of themselves while also being Mary Sues!
Scratch that, CARBON COPIES. No originality. No personality. Its upsetting.

Not only that, you're harassing people again over a silly joke. ITS A JOKE. Its not meant to be taken seriously.
And here's another thing. No one gives a shit if you're upset. What about all the other people you forcibly attacked in the pass and made upset? Hmm? Where's your answer for that?
Oh wait, you don't have one. You never come up with a legitimate excuse for anything.
You're not popular Tammy, you're infamous. Infamous for being such a jackass to people on here and never realizing your own damned mistakes.
No wonder people hate you on DA so much. I ain't sugar-coating shit either, I hate you just as much as everyone else.
That sad excuse for a brain of yours sure could use a good beating at this point. Know why? Because its literally mush.
    And don't even bother pulling up the "Oh I'm sorry, please forgive me" card bullshit. Its not going to work. I don't care if you're autistic. That's no excuse for your shitty behavior towards everyone.

I hope you're happy with yourself right now you pathetic, disgusting, easily-triggered, sex-driven, toxic, mess of a human being. How dare you continue to upset others like this.
You're not heartless.
You're void.
A waste of space.

Guys, please spread this. Add any stash/screenshot links down below. I'm fucking pissed at this point.
    I got eyes everywhere Tammy, always watching. There's no escape button for this battle.
You can't run.

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