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:iconmydoggycatmadi:MyDoggyCatMadi posted a status
So for my 500 watch special (which I know is a while away but it considerably a milestone because I'm at the halfway mark to 1000.) I might pull a Kardiamente and do commissions for me to scream at people. Because 
1. Need to practice my editing 
2. I literally have no one to scream at but a select few that are either trolls or I don't know what's happening well enough to know or care what's going on. 
3. I only have one (or two if you count the video for another series but I'm not the one editing it) planned for this summer I'll open them over the summer and close them when I feel schools getting a bit to much in the way (so maybe around February or march?) so cons to this 
1. I may forget to put out my magical girl series so a simple solution is to ask you guys to remind me but I also want to take responsibility for my own series
2. I also may forget to do commissions and get swept up in other things. If you guys haven't noticed I tend to procrastinate a lot. 

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