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:iconmydoggycatmadi:MyDoggyCatMadi posted a status
So just quick question:
I reported Ace’s video for copywright violation. So just one quick thing: the police aren’t gonna come busting down my door for this right? Because YT was like “IF U ARENT SURE WERE GONNA DELET UR CHANNEL!” And I don’t want that. I still want to make content over the summer. But I also don’t want Ace to use not just my art. But everyone else’s art without there permission. When I already told him I’m done with his fucking nonsense. The only reason I found out about it this morning was because I wanted a quick laugh before school. I know I used his art in my rant video on him. But for what it’s worth: that was used to show edvidence and proof of certain things he did. Not to slander him. If I did slander him well the strike on my channel is gone so it’ll just be one again if he wants to try and hit me back. But i also worry about my old shitty videos he may spam with reports. -_- yeah I probably shouldn’t have even commented on his video I’ll delete the comment but odds are he’s seen it so there’s no going back now. 

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