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:iconmydoggycatmadi:MyDoggyCatMadi posted a status
So I was reading through some Soma comics (yes I do that I think the ship is cute even though I ship myself with Soul I understand why people do it)
and im kinda annoyed at how a certian artist on here (not sure if there on here anymore so I won't call them out by name.) is kinda.... well.... completely fucking up souls character. And it wasn't just them either it was a few others as well. They make Soul "horny" and my only question is.... why? Soul says some pervy lines in the first few chapters. Now I'm not saying he CANT be horny or flirty but I think people go a little to far with it.... how old is Soul again? 13-16? Another thing the artist screws up particularly is how whiny he is there's literally a part in one of there comics where Soul just throws a straight up tantrum. I.... I can't... listen I don't mind my boy being jealous or horny but please don't take it overboard. There are only VERY few insitances where I will accept it and there very over the top and far fetched itll be more of a joke comic than anything else. So please. Know your characters and please when your writing a fan comic stick to the orginal material.

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